Many bathrooms have these awesome looking pedestal sinks that simplifies the room and look great, but what about storage?  If you are finding that you have to get creative with things like toilet paper and cleaners and don’t want them cluttering up the space, then you may want to check out other storage options.

Pedestal Sink Cabinet – A Portable Under Sink Vanity

If this is your situation, but you want to enjoy the ambiance of your bathroom without huge expense or any damage, I have come across these really cool portable vanities that basically slip under the sink to utilize the area underneath.  This is perfect for that tiny apartment or rental house, or if you want something now without replacing or removing sinks.  

White Instant Vanity Cabinet for Pedestal Sink

I thought this one was lovely.  I love that I would have lots of storage for toilet paper and other necessary things for the bathroom.

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Louvered Pedestal Sink Cabinet - White
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(price as of Aug 30, 2018)

Front Drawer

This one has a quick access drawer, so no bending to get the things you use the most.  It looks good and utilizes that extra space.  It is on feet and looks like a piece for furniture.  Would be great for quick access to makeup etc.

Open Chrome Under Sink Storage

This one is open without any cabinet doors.  If you love the chrome look and can keep the items neat and tidy this works quickly.

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Natural Oak Doors

It all depends on your décor.  This one has natural oak doors and instantly creates lots of storage.  You could add small baskets from the dollar tree to house tiny items on the shelves.

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Under Sink Vanity With Louvered Doors

This is a very simple and yet elegant one.  An affordable way to create instant storage without upset to your landlord, walls, or pocketbook.

Keep Bathroom Supplies in the Bathroom

I personally like to keep all bathroom supplies in the same room.  I had tried storing toilet paper in the hall closet but that doesn’t help if you are using the facilities and you run out!

But many bathrooms are tiny and if you have downsized from a larger one you maybe finding it hard to store the accessories you use.  Even if this is a second bathroom and only used for the necessary things, it can still be awkward not having a place for things.

These pedestal sinks are definitely space saving, and look great if you have a tiny space, but not really that “user friendly”.  It is nice to be able to grab cleaning supplies or refill the toilet paper or have a place for your toiletries.  If you use the space wisely when you do find the perfect pedestal sink cabinet or under sink storage, you don’t take away from the ambiance of the room.pedestal sink cabinetCredit:

Use Dollar Store Baskets for Small Items

Once you have placed your cabinet under your pedestal sink, don’t start cramming it with things.  Invest in some baskets from the Dollar Store and use them for your smaller items, such as makeup etc, and keep them on the shelf under the sink ready for use.


I love that when you move you can simply take this with you.  It causes no damage, and so perfect for anyone renting a house or leasing an apartment.  You can still have all the comforts without begging your landlord for storage.

I have been on both sides of the coin when it comes to living arrangements.  My hubby and I rented when we had to move for his job.  Luckily in there was enough room for a separate cabinet but most apartment bathroom don’t have that space.  If yours is already in vanity form, then great but if your place has a pedestal sink which was all the rage for smaller spaces, then you may want to consider this option.

Decorating a Small Bathroom

You really do have to get creative when decorating a small bathroom and especially a rental space where you can’t harm the walls or cause any damage.

When I want to decorate I start by searching online for ideas.  There are many really cool affordable products that can really add space to a tiny bathroom without harm.  Over the door storage is another great way to create more room for your accessories and you don’t have to drill one hole.  Over the toilet is another area you can utilize for storage. 

But don’t forget under the pedestal sink, there is a lot of space you can utilize.  Many people will simply install a curtain which has been a common way to create storage out of sight, but the only problem with this is you don’t get shelves, just the floor space which I find gets kicked when standing in front of it.   You also need to attach Velcro to the sink and most landlords are not a fan.

This is an affordable, quick and easy option.