With each new day, the population of the earth is in constant flux. As new people pass on, others are born, and this has been the expected cycle of occurrence since man first made his/her debut on this earth. Whether you are a profound proponent of Biblical Creationism, or believe that man has gradually evolved from single celled organisms, embedded within the current population of the world are deep founded skills, passions, and attributes that set the people of the human race apart from their animal friends and counterparts.

Since the onset of time, people have become more and more aware of their senses and the role they play in better understanding the world around them. Through application of the scientific method, people have managed to gradually expand this knowledge base, and pursue purposeful endeavors with the development of a variety of products. Regardless of culture, all people hold certain characteristics in common, however, governments or other various forms of governing bodies have noteworthy either allowed, or suppressed, the betterment of one's own self or their individual expanse of knowledge.

Even in spite of the wealth of knowledge that has been acquired by the human race, some questions remain inherent and unanswerable, however, they do serve to continually initiate rational conversation and deep-thinking. Philosophers have emerged in order to give these pertinent issues and questions, pertaining to the human race, the attention they clearly deserve. Throughout the age of enlightenment, questions about the meaning of life and the role of man abounded as humans sought to derive meaning for themselves in a very complex, and oftentimes intimidating, world.

As a concept with such an inherent widespread appeal, a popular magazine bearing the same name of this article ("People") emerged, however, rather than focusing on 'people' in general, its writing and pictorial tendencies favor the exploits and escapades of the most elite in society. Even still, people have proven to be extremely fascinated by the lives, and endeavors, of society's most popular people. Whether they celebrate the weddings of famous actors like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, or are fascinating by such bizarre events like Michael Jackson's baby dangling (off a hotel balcony in France) incident, monumental magazine sales only serve to justify the value that people place in becoming fascinated and enthralled by the lives of others.

Inherent to a person's genetic makeup are many common expressions and manifestations that can be observed in relation to others that hail from a variety of different countries and cultures. While an African tribesman may appear completely different from an Eskimo, in accordance with Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, by virtue of simply being a person or a human, these people have similar physiological requirements for the sustainment of their own lives. Even as food may take different forms, dependent upon an individual's culture, it is this nourishment that serves as a commonality amongst people that would be otherwise deemed completely dissimilar. An inherent need for rest and activity are also cornerstones to what it means to be expressly human by nature.

While shunned by some countries and cultures, people have particular ambitions and drives towards individual liberty and freedom that only seemingly manifest publicly in countries that allow, or encourage, this form of expression. The role of the collective, in certain societies, has greater emphasis in guiding the economic foundation, and political decision making, of that particular culture. Different forms of human governance will either encourage, or deny, the expression of these inherent attributes that makes one expressly human by nature.

In order to gain a mass appeal of the elite's established form of governance, many governing bodies have emerged as being 'of the people'. Whether or not any government be for, and of, the people is subject to extreme skepticism and a fundamental desire for one to familiarize themselves even more with the governing elite. Unfortunately, the human race is not without its less than desirable traits that are founded in a natural tendency towards the pursuit of power, control, and greed. Where human people can be loving creatures, a paradox of sorts emerges in this immediate conflict of attributes, and values, that man has struggled with since the dawn of mankind.

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