Depending on where you live, your outdoor living experience could be cut short by that harsh Old Man Winter, but even before that, the beautiful autumn can have warm days but very cool nights.

If you have extended your living area to outdoors such as with a deck, covered porch or pergola or whatever you have set up, those cooler evenings can have you migrating back in doors.  If you have invested in your outdoor patio it is nice to be able to enjoy the comforts longer into the autumn and even into the winter season with some extra heat. 

We are cooped up indoors far too long in the depths of winter, so why not enjoy your patio or oasis for as long as you can?  As many outdoor areas become equipped with everything from couches to kitchens, it is nice to have some extra warmth to enjoy them even more especially in the evenings.  Who doesn’t like a cup of hot cocoa around a fire?

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AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater
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Vertical Propane Patio Heater - Safe and Sturdy

There are very efficient models out there as I have been doing research for my own backyard oasis.  You can have this typical tall heater with the hood that forces the warm air downwards and heats a larger area.  You see this style often in outdoor pubs and restaurants to extend the season as well.  This one is quite traditional and works like a charm.  But if you want something that also looks awesome as well as functional, then check out the ones below.  It all depends on how much room you have.  If not much room, then one of these upright patio heaters will do the trick and give you that extra warmth.

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Mesmerizing to Look at Taking up Little Room

If the square footage of your outdoor living space is tight, then getting something upright will take up less room.  If you also want the heater to be something to look at, then this is a cute one as you can see the flame dancing.  It is 7.5 feet tall, and will definitely be a conversation piece. 

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Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Propane Fire Pit
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Double Duty - Heater and Table

If you have the room, this patio heater is perfect.  In the warmer months it can be used as a simple coffee table, but come evening or when the air gets that chill, this can also double as a heater and fire pit.  It is relaxing to watch flames dance, and this would look awesome in the darkness.  It will give off some heat as well as a romantic and peaceful glow from the dancing flames.  The tanks fit safely underneath. 

You see the fire dancing on the glass style rocks and the reflection, and no matches needed.  It is a long propane tube so gives an elongated row of flames.  When done, turn off and you can add the table top back on for covering it up or for your beverages.  Double Duty.

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Camco 51200 Large Propane Patio Fire Pit
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Fire Pit Propane Patio Heater

If you have the room, and would prefer the look and feel of a fire pit with a larger dancing flame, but without the mess of wood and ashes, this propane unit certainly looks the part.

Includes a 10 foot propane hose to keep the tank far away, and uses a typical barbeque style tank.  It has a copper finish design and looks like a functional piece of art on your patio when not in use.  You can sit around this pit and enjoy the heat without the bother of cleanup.  Simply turn it off when you are finished.

If watching a campfire is something you love, then going for a fire pit styling would suit.  It is nice to simply sit quietly and enjoy the dark cool night with some warmth from the fire pit.  If you live in town, most bylaws will allow the propane fire pits rather than the smoky wood pits.  You have control over it, and as long as you keep it away from flammables they are safe.

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Vineyard Propane Fire Table - Big Heat, Hot Look
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Barrel Style Heater

This one looks good whether in use or not, as it is a cool style.  It has a barrel style base with a ledge around it, so when not in use you could use it as a table and is an interesting piece to look at.  It gives off 50,000 BTU of warmth, so no need to worry about a large coat once you get this one going.

Winter Storage

Many of these outdoor propane patio heaters are designed to be left outdoors as long as you cover them.  You can get universal covers that will protect their finish once that harsh winter hits, or when not in use or ones that are designed for that particular model. 

I Needed Units That Could Stay Outside for Storage

This was always my issue, as my family migrates outdoors more and more with all the cool and awesome accessories you can get to make outdoor relaxing and living easier and easier, but in Canada we get some harsh winters, and I really have to choose accessories and furnishings that can be stored easily.  I don’t have the room in my house to drag everything back in.  So I try to find things that can simply be covered or stored in the shed for safe keeping and ready to use again the next season.

It is worth investing in the right cover for these products if you get harsh winters or periods of time when you will not be using them.  If you protect them from the harshness of snow and ice, your investment will last a good long time.  Always check the hoses each season for leaks, and then simply remove the cover and enjoy your fire as well as the heat you can get from these propane patio heaters.  A great way to enjoy your oasis longer this season.