Raw Food Diet for Dogs: the Solution for Your Pet's Digestive Problems

Your dog's diet affects his or her health just as much as a human diet. By now most people are more than accustomed to seeing specific blends on dog food labels such as, puppy, large breed and sensitive stomachs. It's easy to pay these labels little mind as they are very cut and dry, but the truth behind them indicates that there is a lot that goes into the overall well being of your pet. Not only can certain foods affect digestion and how a dog feels, they can make an impact on his or her appearance. Dogs getting the proper nutrition will have more energy and sport a shinier lustrous coat. It's no wonder that an animal can reap incredible benefits from simply switching to a raw food diet for dogs, rich in whole and real foods rather than store bought kibble. Many of the diet trends circulating around the people world can make an impressive impact on your pet as well.

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While not exactly the same as a human raw food diet, the raw food diet for dogs is gaining some valuable recognition. The basic idea consists of feeding the dog raw vegetables, bones and muscle meat. The diet can additionally include eggs (raw), some dairy and organ meat. The philosophy revolves around bringing the pet back to a natural balance by giving it the type of food it would have eaten before it was domesticated. Dogs of every size, age and breed can benefit from "back to nature" diet free of additives and fillers.

Back to Nature with a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

The diet is by no means a new fad. In fact, sled dogs and other sport dogs have been fed this ultra-nourishing meal plan for well over one hundred years. It wasn't until 1993 that the diet was brought into the mainstream by a veterinarian by the name of Ian Billinghurst. His support of the plan, combined with instructions on how to make raw dog food, helped bring the diet into the spotlight and made it available to regular dog owners. Often referred to as BARF for bones and raw food, or biologically appropriate raw food, the diet has become an alternative for thousands of people looking to give their dog a more well rounded and natural option.

The positive results have made quick believers out of all kinds of dog enthusiasts. Positive effects are reported as more energy, a shinier coat, better digestion, fewer heart problems and even improved health in teeth and gums. Dog owner, Barbara Benjamin Creel, started her 3 animals on the diet when one of them became terminally ill. While the change was not enough to save her sick beloved pet, she states that the other two are thriving after more than two years on the diet, “The 11-year-old dogs seem more energetic, and one with chronic digestive problems tolerates the raw diet better."  These kinds of results are exciting for dog owners.

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Instructions for a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

If you're considering this diet for your pet, there are some easy tricks regarding how to make raw dog food. The key is in making sure the diet is balanced for optimum health so whichever blend you choose be sure it is a meat/veggie mix. Try 1 cup vegetables or raw fruit, 1 cup organ meat, ¼ cup yogurt and 1 cup raw ground beef or ground turkey. In order to make sure the dog doesn't pick and choose which items it will eat from the bowl, it can be beneficial to throw all the ingredients in a food processor. Substitute the veggies for tomato or pumpkin puree or add a raw egg. It's easy to come up with custom blends that will make your dog beg for more!

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There are some major factors to weigh in on before choosing a raw food diet for dogs. The fact that as an owner you will be responsible for all food preparation means a pretty heavy weight on one's shoulders. Owners will have to pay much closer attention to what is going into their dog's bowl and they will have given up the quick fix of canned or bagged pet food. As man's best friend it's important to keep a watchful eye on what goes into the pet's belly, regardless of whether it's processed or home made. If the family pet is experiencing sluggishness or other, even serious, health problems, a change of diet could make a serious difference.

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