Style: The Raymond Waites Bedding line features an adult, yet whimsical look with delicate design details and colors. The patterns and shapes are never harsh or abrasive. The design details use soft curves versus straight or jagged lines. However, he does so without the style becoming redundant or boring by including warm and sensual colors. One of the most popular items is the Greta 8 piece King Duvet Set in the color mist, with pale mint green and dark green floral accents. The flowers add a subtle touch of softness and the color is sophisticated, yet pretty. Another popular style of duvet is the Rhapsody Duvet Cover, which features the designs of satin ribbon and a mix of soft ivory, blue, green, and aqua. Although Raymond Waites Bedding adds soft designs like paisley and flowers to his comforters and duvets, he often keeps the sheets sexy and simple. For example, the Estate Lace Jane California Sheet Set is purposely made with some cotton and some polyester in order to make the sheets less prone to getting wrinkles. The sheets come in a pretty ivory color with white lace around the trim to add a timeless accent. Another popular bedding design from Raymond Waites Bedding is the Poloma style. It was inspired by a fancy rug with orate patterns and warm colors. The look is very European and adds color to your room while still maintaining a soft and warm feel. The colors used here are coral and warm fall colors like deep brown and maroon. Unlike some of his other pieces, this style was made with 100% polyester. The best part about Raymond Waites Bedding designs is that they offer an element of patterns and designs along with colors that are inviting. This line is meant for people who like a homey style mixed with a touch of elegance. Because most items are dry-cleaned only, this line is meant for an adult room.

Comfort: The comfort you will receive from the Raymond Waites Bedding line is dependent on which items you choose. Some sheets are made out of 300 thread count, while some comforters are made from 100% polyester. If you are dying to get your hands on a Raymond Waites bedding line, but want to comfortable I would recommend buying the soft sheets at a little bit more of a price and pairing it with a comforter that has a cotton/polyester or polyester fabric only. It all depends on your material of choice and how you feel about polyester. Most people would agree that polyester is a less quality of material for bedding than cotton, so the price should reflect that change. However, I have found 300 thread count Raymond Waites Bedding cotton sheets for around the same price as the polyester pieces. If I was the designer, I would try and stick with one material for sheets and comforters to offer continuity and predictability for buyers.

Raymond Waites Bedding Prices: Although this look will add a touch of high-class living to your sleeping space, it is very affordable. For example, a 300 thread count Duvet cover on Overstock is only $40.00. This is a great price for this quality of material. Another price I found for the Raymond Waites Bedding line is a $179.99 R.W duvet from Bed Bath & Beyond. Although it’s much more expensive than Overstock, it gives consumers the hottest options at the time. If you’re more concerned with price over having the most up-to-date bedding designs, you can find this line for reasonable prices. Overall, this is one of the most affordable lines that contain 100% cotton and 300 thread counts (If you’re smart enough to them from the right place). HOWEVER, if you are choosing this brand for the materials they use, check the label. Some Raymond Waites Bedding comforters and sheets offer 100% cotton while others are 100% polyester or a mix between the two. By mixing these two materials together, the brand claims that this adds elegance because it prevents wrinkles. The Paloma and Prexy design comforter sets from Bed Bath and beyond range between 229.00 and 300.00 and contain 100% polyester. In my opinion, these prices are too high for this material. Overall, the price is completely dependent on the time and money you have to spend. A one-stop-shop at Bed Bath and Beyond for Raymond Waites Bedding may be more convenient, but it’s also more expensive.

Raymond Waites Bedding Options/Sets: In addition to bedding, there are pillow throws and curtains that you can buy to complete the look. The accessories line often offers different colors of velvet and suede. The velvet accents make this bedding line unique and soft. Most of the comforter sets include bed skirts, a comforter, and two shams. However, they do not come with their own sheets and a potential drawback is that they are dry clean only. Therefore, Raymond Waites Bedding is definitely a brand meant grown adults.

Where to Buy Raymond Waites Bedding: You can find the most recent Raymond Waites bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you are on a budget, try online stores such as Amazon and Overstock. There are also a wide variety of other online stores that offer his bedding at a more affordable price. There may be less of a selection on these websites, but it can save you a whole lot of money. Another store and website that carries this bedding line is Dillard’s.

Overall: If there were two words to describe Raymond Waites Bedding it would be soft and classic. The designs often feature very light and delicate details and two similar colors. The design and selection also get an A+ rating. Raymond Waites Bedding does an exceptionally good job at creating pieces that are both stylish and welcoming. Unlike modern or contemporary designs with harsh edges and lines, this collection offers accents like paisleys, flowers, and circular shapes. This bedding is definitely meant for adults, not children, thanks to its mature look. I would recommend this collect to people who like more of a country/French style over modern colors and shapes. However, if you are looking for high quality materials- look at the label. Raymond Waites Bedding offers a mix of materials and combinations.