If environmentally friendly means recycling everything, then this would include your shoes. The idea of putting those shoes back on the street may not be ideal, especially if the shoes are too beat up or just can't walk another day for another individual. But that doesn't mean you can't recycle the shoes and give them a new life.
Here are the steps for recycling your old shoes:

Things You Will Need

* Old Shoes
* Internet Access
* Time to put old items in the right place

Step 1

Start by gathering up all your old shoes and shoes you won't be wearing anymore. Divide the shoes into two piles Those shoes that are so disgusting, nobody will be able to use and the second pile of shoes should be those that are gently worn.

Step 2

For those piles, your green and patient side will do two different steps. The old worn shoes that couldn't be put on anyone else's feet need to find a new life, one that doesn't have much to do with shoes. The new shoes need to be put in a place that offers feet to wear.

Step 3

Take the used, must be recycled shoes and consider what materials they were made out of. IS there any life left in the materials and are the materials recyclable. Check online on how you can take the shoes apart. Also call the recycling center to see if they take tennis shoes and sneakers exclusively (manufacturers make children's outdoor equipment with the shoes. Another place to sell no longer wearable, smelly shoes is eBay. Check out the eBay site (link below) and look under well worn items.

Step 4

For those shoes that are gently worn you need to take them to the local consignment store (to try and sell them) or drop them off at the local charity as a contribution to be sold to other people. This would include pumps, heels, flats and even leather shoes (with limited amount of scuffing.) Those old shoes don't need to go into the trash after all! Instead put them in the back in use and recycle them!

Tips & Warnings