Whether a farm is operated as a business or a hobby, the owners usually want to keep costs as low as possible. In the colder months of the year, heating buildings such as these increases your costs and that in turn reduces the profit that you make.

The only way to get around that is to earn more money in December and January. However, that may not always be possible. In order to keep your heating bill as low as possible, you should look at energy options that are less expensive.


Greenhouses Need Heat
Credit: Wikimedia

Using Diesel Generators to Power your House

Generators that run on diesel cut into your profit if you rely on them to meet all your needs. These devices are convenient to have if you experience power outages that only last a short time. However they are not a permanent solution for heating devices that use electricity because they consume a lot of fuel. 

If you need to heat your farmstead, this is not a good alternative to receiving power from an external company and using that to run heaters. You will be well prepared for any emergency if you have a diesel generator but you need to have a source of heat that does not rely on electricity at all.

Langenbernsdorf- farmstead
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What Can You Use to Heat Your Greenhouse and Not Spend Too Much Money?

If you grow tomatoes, or other fruit or vegetables in a building, keeping them at the right temperature is essential. Electricity is expensive but if you can afford it, there are advantages to using it. For example, your shrubs won’t be exposed to carbon monoxide and other by products of combustion. 

If you have a modest structure for growing your plants indoors, the following options may work for you:

  1. Ground source heat pumps
  2. Gas burning heaters
  3. Devices that use paraffin
  4. Outdoor wood boilers

Advantages of Using Outdoor Wood Boilers

A boiler in this category burns firewood so you don't have to spend money on other forms of fuel. It is placed outside of the buildings that it helps to keep warm. Pipes leading from the heating device transport hot water into the farm buildings. 

These furnaces are quite energy efficient and since the pipes run underground, there is very little heat lost on the way to barns and storage areas. Exchangers in each section of the farm are used to release the heat. 

If you spend a little extra to insulate your pipes as much as you can in the beginning, you will save a lot more money. You can use scraps or buy unwanted logs to power your water stove. This is an affordable way to heat your farmstead or greenhouse in winter.