Lighting is just as much a part of the décor as paint and flooring, and many people tend to skip this step and go with boring or traditional.  My sister is an electrician and she has convinced many customers just what a difference changing out light fixtures can make to a space and expresses their personality.

Industrial Condos - Think Old Metal and Wood

Many old stone buildings are being retrofitted and updated to include the charm of yesteryear and the modern conveniences, and have been turned into industrial style condominiums for living.  You may automatically think of some dingy mechanic shop when you think “industrial” but that is not the case.

Most have very tall ceiling and are wide open spaces, and need a different style of décor.  We looked at one in our town and were excited by the space, but thought the décor should really match the style of the space.  I thought going with a traditional light fixture would actually be lost in a retro style.

As I was searching for ideas, I came across many cool fixtures that would fit the bill.  They are modernly wired with the updated safety codes (so no worries of fires) but look old and lots of metal which adds to the ambiance of that style of space.

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Industrial Chandelier - Really Cool

These are really cool, and are perfect, in my opinion for the higher ceiling or condo style space.  If you love the look of metal, as do I, then these will definitely be the talk at that next dinner.  This would look perfect over a rustic dining table.  This style fits in better with rustic, and would look great at your cottage too. 

It used to be if you wanted a style like this, you went hunting thrift stores and old buildings and then had them rewired, which can get costly.  But you can actually get the style online and safer than searching out old badly wired ones.  

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Entrance Way Steel Ceiling LIght

The longer style chandeliers would be perfect for the entrance way if you have the extra tall ceilings.  They are way different from those crystal ones you see in homes now, and will need less cleaning and maintenance.  I love the rustic look, and these pieces can really add to the rustic industrial look you are going for. 

It is a shame to go to all the trouble of creating a look and then simply stuffing a plain old light fixture on the ceiling.   You need lighting in a room so keep it in the same theme.  Some of these fixtures you can get online now, really look like they came out of a workshop or the 40s, they are really cool.  I was really surprised by how many styles are available.  I had not seen any of these styles in my local lighting shop.

You can find a lot  more styles online I have found, compared to your local lighting store, which for me tended to be more your traditional and maybe ultra modern and chic, which is not going to fit in an industry style which includes lots of metal and old wood.

These bulbs have the retro cage around them and can be seen.  Many also refer to this style of lighting as “barn electric lighting”.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea in their home, but for me this retro style I think would fit in well in the right room.

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Wood Beam Chandelier
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Dining Table Vintage Wood Chandelier

If you love the metal styles but want wood as well but rustic, I was looking at this style for over a very rustic wood table.   It is very simplistic with the bulbs showing, and different lengths hanging from a piece of wood.  This one is made in the USA and although old looking is wired with modern materials for safety.

My sister used to rewire old finds that many customers had, which was tedious, but now you can actually get them online to look like the old style and very basic and simplistic and lots of metal and yet wired for North America standards.

Rustic and Industrial Style Lighting

There is a great line of this on the market now.  I was really surprised by the styles you can get that would really outfit an industrial condo style space, cottage or rustic style home.  Get rid of those builder light fixtures and share your personality.  Don’t forget to include the lighting in your next move, or if you are redecorating.

In the right theme this styles of lighting would really work well.  I love these industrial chandeliers for the home and skip the dingy workshop!