Can You Stop Your Hair From Going Gray or Reverse the Graying Process?

The Gray Hair(118900)Credit: cherryontop.comshort answer is...maybe.

If there were a magic potion or pill to make our gray hair go away, whoever invented it would be very, very rich.

If premature gray hair is caused by a vitamin deficiency, stress or some types of illnesses, it can be reversed. In fact, some of the vitamin supplements marketed to get rid of gray hair can be very effective.

If your genes or lifestyle have switched off production of melanin you're pretty much out of luck in finding a way to reverse the gray.

However, there are some interesting traditional "cures" for gray hair that are fun to explore.

There's also an explosion of new products promising to prevent or reverse gray hair. The baby boomers are a growing and profitable market.

Finally, there is a new pill that should be available within the next five years that will prevent gray hair.  It will just prevent it, not reverse it.

Ready to explore? Let's put on our reading glasses and begin.

Stuff You Can Put on Your Head to Prevent or Get Rid of Gray Hair


Apparently if you melt butter and massage it into the scalp twice a week it will slow doButter(118906)wn the graying process. I have three cats so I haven't tried this one. I have visions of them swarming my head.


Boil them together and slather on your hair. Let sit for three to four hours.

3. TEA

Make pots of tea. Let them steep until the water is very dark. Spray on hair. Do not rinse.


Slice gourds into pieces. Let them dry. Soak in coconut oil for two days. Boil until there is a black solution in the pot. Massage into scalp and hair. Rinse and style as usual.


Stuff You can Eat or Drink to Prevent or Reverse Gray Hair.


This ancient chinese herb translates to "Black-haired Mr. He".  It supports the liver Dr. Shen's Wu Pilland kidneys and is said to stave off and reverese gray hair. It's inexpensive and probably worth a try. At least the cats wont go crazy.


Add more iron to your diet. Bananas, liver, eggs and tomatos are rich in iron.


Add curry to your diet. Mix it into stews and chili dishes.


Are you getting enough salt?  It's an important component of melanin production. You'll need table salt, fish and/or bananas in your diet.


As Seen on TV - Go Away Gray

The promise was to prevent your hair from going gray and to reverse the process if you already have gray hair.  Here's their pitch.

• STOP unwanted GRAY hair!
• RESTORE your natural hair color
• PREVENT gray hair from starting

Go Away Gray • PROMOTE thicker, healthier hair
• LOOK Years Younger!

Go AWAY Gray is specially formulated to prevent and reverse unwanted gray hair. Based on recent scientific studies, low levels of the enzyme Catalase in your body can turn your hair gray. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by the body and Catalase breaks it down. If you are not producing enough Catalase, the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. This causes the hydrogen peroxide to bleach the hair from the inside out, making it gray. Go AWAY Gray contains the enzyme Catalase, along with other special nutrients to reverse and prevent gray hair and to also promote thicker, healthier hair! Take Go Away Gray today and watch your gray go AWAY!

I looked at the reviews on Amazon, and surprisingly  this product scored well.  The common theme was that it took months to see any results.

Apparently the manufacturer offered Anderson Cooper one million dollars to try the capsules and be their spokesperson.

The Anti-Gray Hair Pill of the Future.

L'Oreal has been working on this for more than a decade and hopes to have it on the L'OrealCredit: Lmarket by 2015.

Be prepared to make a committment for a lifetime (or till you decide to go gray) with this pill.

You'll have to start taking the pill at least ten years before you anticipate going gray. Hopefully you can ask your parents or grandparents when they went gray. You'll also have to factor in lifestyle issues like smoking, which is related to premature graying.

If you already have gray hair, the pill will not reverse it.

The haircare and makeup giant is remaining quiet about the pills, other than to say they contain a fruit extract which helps keep the body producing the pigments which color hair.

Getting to the Root of it all.

If you have gray hair, you have plenty of options.

You can use a commercial dye or henna to color your hair.

You can try any of the techniques or products in this article.

If you choose to keep the gray, there are many ways to keep your hair looking beautiful.