Ultramodern cool is what a Saarinen table brings to any room. Also referred to as a tulip table, these home decor works of art come loaded with attitude and some unique history. Read on to discover even more about Saarinen tables, including a quick look at their history and what you should expect to spend on one of these beauties.

Saarinen Tables: The Anti Table-Leg Table With A Bit Of History

36 Inch Eero Saarinen Style Tulip Dining Table with White Fiberglass Top and 3 Tulip Side ChairsEero Saarinen, the architectural genius behind the table bearing his name, had a thing for table legs. He didn't like them. They were, to him, a representation of an unrestful, even chaotic world. In the 1950's, his viewpoint, along with his highly modern artistic and architectural style, helped create one of the most beloved home decor works of art ever seen.

A Saarinen table, also known as a tulip table (the initial furniture collection name was the "Tulip Collection"), is a stroke of modern cleanliness. The table top itself is round and made of marble, granite, or wood, but the magic is in the base. It's a singular piece that looks like a stem, curving to a sleek thinness in the middle and broadening at the foot for support. These bases are normally made of fiberglass, aluminum, or other sturdy materials.

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The look is nothing short of ultramodern. It's clean and simple, and yet inviting and full of personality. And beyond its famous father, Saarinen tables have even more notoriety. How about a bit of sci-fi clout? These tables were a prevalent feature in the original Star Trek series from the 1960's. How many tables varieties can add that to their resume?

Where To Use Saarinen Tables

Lexington Modern 48-Inch Eero Saarinen Style Tulip Dining TableSaarinen tables come in all sorts of sizes, from varieties that can easily work as a dining room table to versions best suited for life as coffee tables and side tables.

Obviously a modern style room is where these tables shine, but they can fare surprisingly well when paired against more traditional styles. Perhaps it's the similarity of the table design to the natural beauty of the tulip that gives it this versatility. Or maybe its simplicity opens up the design doors. No matter what, you can find decor motif pairings with Saarinen tables that may surprise.

Saarinen tables also make great kitchen tables. When you pair all of the modern shine of stainless steel appliances with a Saarinen table, you have a winning combination. It just works, especially when you use Saarinen tulip chairs (think no chair legs) as the seating.

Saarinen Table Prices

Lexington Modern 36-Inch Eero Saarinen Style Tulip Dining Table with Black Marble TopHome decor that verges on works of art never come cheap, and so it goes for Saarinen tables. Modern Saarinen table reproductions range from around $300 to 500 for the smaller pieces and up to $1,000 and more for the larger dining room table varieties. You are, of course, paying for style, structure, and quality, so the price for entry is certainly worth it.

When you are looking to make a home decor statement, a Saarinen table is definitely worth a look. They've got a sleek modern style that still gives off some major personality. That's hard to find and worth the investment.