Many people who are looking for free mobile phones have no idea that the Safelink Wireless Phone Assistance Program is one of the most popular free cell phone programs out today.

 We all know how expensive wireless phones can be, if fact the average cellular phone bill is right around $50 dollars a month. That is why the government under the Lifeline program, came up with mobile phone assistance for low income people and others who are on various forms of state aid including: Section 8, Social Security, Food Stamps and more. Let's face it, it's vitally important that everyone has a phone, and companies like Safelink Wireless ensures everyone who needs a phone has one, regardless of income.

And on top of that it's really easy to qualify.

In fact, under the government's Lifeline Program, you only need to qualify under ONE program. So if you have low income, that's enough to qualify for a free wireless phone. Similarly, if you're on SSI, you qualify also to receive a cell phone with free minutes.

Is Safelink Wireless a Scam?

 You only need to peruse a few forums where people are looking for Safelink wireless reviews, to see that many others want to know about the "Safelink Wireless scam". Well the wireless government

isn't a scam. They provide free wireless phones and minutes to low income people and seniors who qualify. The problems often associated with this program, is that people think that ANYONE can receive a free phone, when that simply is not the case. You must be in need of a free phone under one of many state qualifiers.

Free Cell Phone from the Government

 Under the Safelink wireless program, you actually get a TracPhone. That's right TracPhone actually

operates the free phone program. And the network coverage is actually on many well known wireless carriers, from AT&T to Tmobile.

 Apply for Safelink Wireless

To apply for Safelink Wireless, you need to just go to the website. On the first page, you'll be required to enter your zipcode. You'll be directed to your specific state agency, whereby you'll see what is needed to be qualified, typically it is: Section 8, Food Stamps, Free Lunch Program, SSI and Medicaid. You'll also be required to reapply ever 12 months.

  • A Free Wireless Phone

  • 250 Free Monthly Minutes

  • No Credit Check

  • A Friend Referral Program

  • Free Emergency Calls/911

 So there you have it, getting a free mobile phone is actually easier than most people think. And since most people spend as much as $50 or more a month on a wireless bill, it's understood how many people may in fact need help to pay their phone bill. That is why programs like Safelink Wireless and even Assurance Wireless exists.

  If you have any questions you can call Safelink Wireless Customer Care Number at 1-800-Safelink. And more importantly, if you have concerns about Safelink Wireless Scams, you should be sure to check online forums focused on consumer protection, as well as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

SO know you can see that the Safelink Wireless Program is actually one of your best bets when it comes to getting a free mobile phone.