The passing of a beloved grandfather can be hard to take in, especially if you are close to him. A grandfather can play a special role in one’s life as a giver of wisdom and love. It is important to recognize that, although he has sadly passed away, he has also led a long and eventful life, with a lot to share and pass onto others as a legacy.

Below are sample speeches for the passing of a grandfather. Before you get started on your eulogy, though, it is a good idea to jot down some notes about characteristics your grandfather had, and how he has shaped the lives of those around him.

First Sample Eulogy for Grandfather

Today, I come here not to talk about my grandfather Joe passing away. I am here to share with you his life and how he has touched my life. Joe, as you all know, was incredibly extroverted and fun, yet also disciplined. When I was a boy, he would tell me stories of life in the old country, when he worked on the fields toiling away everyday. Joe would describe in detail about his life back then, waking up at the crack of dawn and cutting the wheat. Evenings would be spent with family, and Joe would go out often to converse with neighbors, or invite them over for a meal. It all sounds so different and strange, especially when you think about the lives we lead today.

 When I knew my grandfather, he was retired, but still had the vivacity of his younger days. He would go fishing to catch trout, and bring it home for dinner. I remember sitting at his dinner table when I was a little boy, waiting anxiously for what he brought back. He would pull out a fish and yell, “Yep, it’s a big one!” Once a month, I would eat dinner with my grandparents, my sister and I, as grandpa entertained us with stories and jokes.

On Sundays, my sister Mindy and I would go with grandpa to the market to buy fresh produce. In my trips with him, I truly saw him like he had described himself back in the day. He would chat endlessly with the storekeeper, asking about her children, and then, on the way out, would bump into an old friend from the neighbourhood, who would inquire about us. Grandpa Joe sure was popular.

I remember my grandfather would tell me that he woke up at the crack of dawn everyday. “Old habits,” he had said. Going to my grandparents’ house on Sunday mornings, I could see that the breakfast dishes were already drying on the rack and he was repairing something in the house. In order to get to his house in time to go to the market, Mindy and I had to get up early. I learned early on the value of discipline – waking up early to accomplish things. Because of him, I wake up at 5 am to go to swimming practice, no matter how I feel.

I am incredibly sad that Joe has had to leave for someplace else. However, he was sunshine to all of us, with his vivacity for life and for others. Joe has made me a better person through the example he has set. Thank you, grandpa.

Another Sample Eulogy for Grandfather

My earliest memories of my grandfather were when my parents would pack their things in our small car so that we would take a trip to Florida to visit our grandparents. I hadn’t taken a long car trip before, and I had never gone to Florida, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard about Florida’s hot weather and Disney world, so that was something to look forward to. What I didn’t expect, however, was a life lesson from my grandfather that I carry on to this day.

I remember my grandfather, a tall, thin man with cheery, serene smile. When he smiled, it felt like everything was going to be okay. Our family had made plans to go to Disney world, so I would go on all the rides with my dad, and my mom would stay with my grandparents. It was a blast. My grandfather bought me a stuffed lion, which I adored.

Later that evening, we all sat down for dinner at their home, which my mom and grandma prepared. My parents caught up on how my uncles and aunt were doing, and shared how their jobs were going. My grandfather then turned to me and asked me, “January, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I smiled, seeing as all eyes were on me. “An actress!” I exclaimed. Grandfather said nothing, just smiled his usual cheery smile. When my grandmother asked why, I said I wanted lots of money and a yacht.

The next day, my parents went with my grandmother to run errands. Grandpa decided to take me to the park to get ice cream. He would ask me more about my dreams, how I was doing in school, and my friends. We finally sat down at a park bench. After sitting for awhile, he calmly said, “January, you may not realize this now, but the most important thing in your life are your family and friends.  Money is a good thing, but having supportive family and friends…now, that is something money cannot buy.”

As my usual defiant younger self, I asked him, “How do you know that?”

He answered: “Because I have had one and not the other at different points in my life.”

I know from my mother that grandpa has had to face many obstacles in his life, and that he became a stronger person because of it. At the time, I didn’t think much of his comment though. I was only a child then. But over the years, his words began to sink in.

I saw firsthand how much he adored my grandmother, and took the time to listen to me and my family when we had worries. Not much would surprise him, and he would offer up his own experiences. His life was full because he was loved by all of us, and in turn, grandpa always gave to others. He was the glue that held us as a family and allowed us to grow closer together.

A Closing Note

Everyone’s relationship with their grandfather is different, and as such, these eulogies should serve as a framework for crafting your own story. The most important thing is that your story is from the heart, and something that reflects deeply on your grandfather as a person.