Tattoos are your road to showcase your inner feelings, your deep beliefs. If you are a Scorpio, you can belong to two broad types. You can be bold and experimenting and hardly care whether people are finding you acceptable or not. Else, you can be the other type who has two lives going for them. You usually have a conventional public life where you are conventional good boy or good girl, playing it by the rules. However, you have a secret private life which you prefer to keep out of everyone’s eyes. Whichever be the type, there is always a Scorpio tattoo design for you which can suit your lifestyle perfectly.


Scorpio tattoo design

Scorpio tattoo designs are obviously not exclusive for just Scorpio people. The mystic meaning of this sun sign and its symbol inspires many, whether a Scorpio or not. Scorpio, being the ninth sign and also being ruled by Pluto, the god of death, is the symbol of birth and death and also regeneration. The life cycle of a Scorpio more often than not involves a birth or death of another family member. Moreover, the regenerating power of the Scorpio during their lifetime is amazing. These people can overcome any difficulty or down in their life with sheer will power and emerge victorious from a situation that would have easily destroyed another person completely. Scorpios have this unbelievable, almost occult, self-control which helps them get over any up or down without a serious scratch in their soul. This power is also hidden in the symbol of this sun sign. The secret behind this sun sign is what people search for when they get a Scorpio tattoo.


Scorpio tattoo design

The astrological sign or glyph of this sign is the letter ‘m’ with a crooked end. This signifies the tail of the scorpion – the living symbol of this sign. When somebody wants to choose a Scorpio tattoo design, they can choose to get the whole word ‘scorpio’ to be tattooed. They can also choose the glyph or even the real picture of the scorpion. This is one sun sign tattoo design which can be molded and experimented with and yet it will not lose its originality. This is the same with the Scorpio people. Whatever the difficulty, they never lose their originality and sharpness. You can keep the Scorpio in a dingy place and give them only a bare minimum to spend their life. Yet they will find a way to come out of that situation and when they do, they will not let any unhappy memory of the past to ruin their present much deserved happiness.

The sign of the scorpion has number of meanings to it. A scorpion is an extremely patient creature. It does not do any harm to you unless you have stepped on its tail. And if by sheer bad luck you do so, it will simply sting you once with its tail and if the scorpion is dangerous enough with considerable amount of poison in its tail, then that can as well be the last day of your life. When you compare this same characteristic with the Scorpio, you can perhaps find out something about yourself or even about the Scorpio friend or foe you know. Being a Scorpio with immense patience and extreme level of forgiveness, you will forgive people a hundred stupidities. You will ignore their small and big cruelties also. But the day when they step on your patience, you will finish them off. It does not mean you will shoot them or hang them. It simply means that may be you will say or do something which will make them remember for the rest of their life that messing with a Scorpio is not the wisest thing to do. This is the power that people seek from the symbol of the scorpion. The symbol of the scorpion holds the power in its every point and line. The tail is the magic which attracts people to get the tattoo design of this animal with a sting.


scorpio tattoo design ideas

People usually have this misconception about the Scorpio people that they are negative and vindictive, and they are harmful. But this is just a one sided view, which very often comes from the fact that the animal that represents this sun sign has a common negative appearance. However, the intuition of the people under this sun sign is something that makes them all the more special. These people have certain out of the world capability to understand a person by simply talking to them or observing them from a distance. This is a quality, or perhaps a talent, that helps them understand and know people and about their intentions. What becomes more important is that this occult power of the Scorpio people is almost always used by them to protect their loved ones. This proves that these people are not just people who are determined, but also very much people with genuine heart and love. A Scorpio tattoo design is not only about style or being cool in the peer group. This tattoo has its own dignity which has to be understood and respected if you really want to feel the power of this sun sign. It does not have any magical quality, of course. But the power in its being is the one which can inspire somebody to get the strength out of this unique Scorpio tattoo design and become a master of their own fate.

You can put a Scorpio tattoo design almost anywhere. But the places where this tattoo design becomes what it should be are where they can be hidden and shown at your will. The mystery of the Scorpio tattoo is in the peek-a-boo quality which should be maintained. The neck, the waist or the hip, the ankle, the breasts, the navel or such parts of the body where they are visible only when you want them to seen makes the magic of the Scorpio tattoo designs all the more special. When you are getting a Scorpio tattoo, remember that this is not just a tattoo. This is a symbol of power and life.

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