DC24 Vs DC40

The following article is a brief objective comparison between the Dyson DC24 Upright vacuum cleaner and that of the Dyson DC40 Vacuum Upright vacuum cleaner, pointing to both their similarities as well as addressing their differences in features and specifications -- along with a final concluding verdict as to -- which is the better upright Dyson vacuum, the DC24 or the DC4o? As well as -- which of the two vacuum cleaners offers you the best value for money in respect of your specific needs and preferences.

 Dyson DC24 Vacuum Versus Dyson DC40 Vacuum

The Differences in the Cleaning Performance

DC24: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 100 Air Watts

DC40: Constant Cleaning Suction Power -- 200 Air Watts

As can be seen from the above, it is pretty clear that there is a gulf in difference in cleaning power between that of the DC24 and DC40 -- with the DC40 being a 100% (twice as powerful -- i.e a whole 100 Air Watts more) more powerful than that of the DC24 (Note: Which should hence probably be a pretty big factor in your consideration between buying either the DC24 and DC40.) and obviously of which will be noticable when compared side by side.

The Differences in the 'Fitted' Technology

DC24: Root Cyclone Technology

DC40: Radial Root Cyclone Technology

The Root Cyclone technology prevents the DC24 from losing loss of suction, however the DC24 only possesses the standard version -- the DC40 comes with the new re-modelled and upgraded Radial Root Cyclone technology that will allow the Dyson DC40 to not only prevent it from losing suction power but also to gather and clean even finer particles of dust and debris from the flooring.

Differences in Manoeuvrability

DC24: Upright Vacuum. Dyson Ball. Weight -- 5.4 kg

DC40: Upright Vacuum. Dyson Ball. Weight -- 6.7 kg

Both are upright vacuum cleaners that both come with the unique Dyson Ball technology that allows the user greater control of their vacuum (e.g. being able to rapidly twist and turn on a dime) when compared to that of a fix wheeled vacuum that has to be pretty much dragged back and forth to get the same effect. The only real slight difference in this regard of mobility between the two vacuum cleaners is that the DC24 is 1.3 kg lighter -- however I doubt it would be that noticable due to the weight being spread erognomically throughout the vacuums.

Differences in Practicality

DC24: Size - H: 74.6 x W: 34.9 x D: 28.1 cm. Cord - 6.1 m. Reach - 8.75 m. Bin - 0.85 litres.

DC40: Size - H: 107 x W: 35 x D: 31 cm . Cord - 7.5 m. Reach - 12.4 m. Bin - 1.6 litres.

As you can see the DC24 is a bit easy to store away in the cupboard than that of the DC40, hence appealing to those who are more storage conscious (the measurements of the DC24 are when the handles is not extended). However, in terms of vacuuming practicality of the household the DC24 holds up rather poorly, when compared to that of the Dyson DC40, which has both a larger cord length and max reach (with the telescope hose) -- and the DC24 has almost half the size in bin capacity -- which from personal experience, I know can get pretty annoying when you have to keep going to empty the bin.

Differences in Accessories

DC24: Combination Tool. (Mini Turbine Head).

DC40: Combination Tool. Stair Tool. (Mini Turbine Head).

Both the DC24 and DC40 model come with the combination tool -- which is a crevice tool with an attachable brush nozzle for dusting, but the DC40 does also come with the stair tool (pretty self explanatory). Moreover, if you were to buy the animal versions (i.e either the DC24 Animal or the DC40 Animal -- the purple versions) you also get the additional mini turbine head, specifically built for picking up pet hair -- however you may want to think about opting to get the DC24 or DC40 mult-floor and instead buy the new Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool which is essentially an upgrade on that of the mini turbine head, rather than an Animal version.

Further Information

Both come with lifetime washable HEPA filters, that essentially capture allergens and dust particles being expelled into the air.

Both have the 'finger tip control' over the cleaner head that you can gauge for a more optimal clean -- lowering automatically for hard flooring and raising for soft flooring.

Both also come with the 5 Years warranty  -- on all parts and servicing when bought new as well.

Both models are suited to a range of flooring i.e multi-floor.

The DC40 has the quick-draw feature for the telescope reach wand whereas the DC24 comes with the standard reversible wand.

Should You Buy the DC24 or the DC40?

DC24 (multi-floor): $399.99 (animal): $449.99

DC40 (multi-floor): $499.99 (animal): $549.99

From the above specification comparison -- it is clear as to which is the better vacuum cleaner -- the DC40. It has a more powerful constant cleaning suction (DC40: 200 Air Watts Vs  DC24: 100 Air Watts), more up to date technology (e.g. Radial Root Cyclone Technology), offering better practicality (e.g. bigger storage bin, longer cord and reach) as well as better features and more accessories. The only real offering the DC24 has is that it is a 'bit' lighter and a 'bit' easier to store away due to it being smaller. 

So which vacuum is the best value for money, the DC24 or the DC40 ? Again, it should be pretty clear that is again the DC40, at only a $100 than the DC24 more -- you are getting so much more for your money, as just mentioned above, pretty much better in every regard of a vacuum cleaner.

Which would you buy -- the DC24 or the DC40? Please do let me know why in the comments section below, along with any other specific questions or comments you have specifically regarding the debate between the DC24 Vs DC40 or about either the Dyson DC24 or the Dyson DC40 individually.