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Write it down!

Having a journal or a diary handy is a great way of brain storming, gathering ideas, and writing down your thoughts to look back at later. The idea of writing in a journal or diary basically boils down to your needs as a creative artist or someone who wants to edge their memories and ideas onto paper for quick reference or a look back into the past later in life.

Having your thoughts on paper allows you to see a glimpse of what you were thinking at the time you were writing. This can be helpful in seeing how you've grown mentally from the time you wrote until the time you read the entry. This can also show you how your ability to think and come up with ideas has changed over time and how influences have made in impact on your way of life.

Ideas and Brain Storming

I love writing thoughts down in my journal because when inspiration hits, I don't want to lose those thoughts. In my podcasting, writing, and other ventures I know that ideas can come and go very quickly with the rapid mental pace I keep. Having a diary or a journal readily available gives me the peace of mind knowing that I won't lose that next big topic to address or creatively write about because it's on paper and I can easily flip back to it.

You too should consider this if you do anything that involves ideas. Many people in life don't take the time to think and just let things go as they are. You may be in a profession that doesn't require a lot of thinking, but just doing. That's fine, but the moment you open up yourself to a hobby that does require thinking, a journal or diary will assist you greatly in being able to jot down notes and thoughts no matter how bad or how good they may be.

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A look back into the past

Journal and diary logs can not only help you keep track of ideas and help you brainstorm, but it can also allow you to relive past memories. This is great if you keep detailed notes and entries, as you can look back years later and relive what you were thinking and the season of life that you were in as you put the pen to the paper.

People have mentioned that it helps as you get older and you start to forget things easier. Looking back at your notebook or journal and seeing things you wrote can evoke some powerful memories and feelings that can make you feel great. This feeling is what we call nostalgia, and it's a super powerful experience that can bring us into a great state of mind and mood.

The potential to make money

Finally, I wanted to address the idea of making money with journal or diary writing. I can't tell you how many times I came up with a great idea for a product, a podcast episode, or a topic to write about and hashed it out in my journal. I wrote diagrams, flow charts, fleshed out ideas that came to me, and even built upon original ideas that almost changed the fundamental aspects of what they were. This is how people are able to make money so easily in the world when they take up diary and journal writing is because their ideas never escape them. Their ideas are always safe. Their ideas are always available as a blueprint into future iterations and new product ideas. If you are looking to make money in this world, consider getting a good old fashioned pen and paper journal or diary and put your thoughts down. You just might be surprised at what you come up with and how you can capitalize on those ideas!