For a lot of single parents, the thought of returning to the dating scene can be exciting, yet scary too. Your children are your top priority, but you have to take time out for yourself.

Here are some tips on getting back in the dating scene, even if you are fresh out of a relationship.

The first thing you should do is to research some of the single parent dating sites, be sure to pay attention to those that offer free membership. Once you find a site that appeals to you, register and create a personal profile. When making your profile, let other users know who you are, what you like and dislike, and what you're looking for. You want your profile to catch people's attention, so spice it up and be creative.

When your enticing profile and gorgeous snapshot hits the site, you will begin to get notifications from members who are interested in you. Many of the dating sites allow you to specify what type of communication you are comfortable using and prefer, such as, email, chat, messenger, etc.

Now it's important that you don't start dating as a means of getting financial help for single parents. You don't want to date because you can't pay the bills. This is, of course, common sense, but many people -- particularly single mothers enduring financial difficulties -- seek to date as a means to find someone to help pay the bills. This can cause a lot of problems down the road, so don't do this.

When you feel you have met someone and are ready to go on an official date, you may have thoughts about introducing your date to your children. Don't! At least not this early on. It is a good idea to meet your date in a public place and get to know each other first. You may find that it could take several dates before you feel you are really ready to introduce them to your children. Single parent dating is different than normal dating because you have to deal with your children's feelings on the matter.

An exception to this rule is that of family dates; your children and their children all going out together, like to a pizza parlor. Family dates are a good idea, but always make sure that you allot time for one on one dates as well.

An easy way to start this process of finding friends and possible dates, is to simply go online after you have tucked the kids in bed and you have quiet time for yourself. The world wide web is host to many free and paid membership dating sites and the best thing is that you can start your quests from the comfort and privacy of your own home. What are you waiting for? Your new life as a single parent awaits! It's time for you to have some fun!