Slurred Speech MS

Slurred speech from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is one of the early signs of the disease. People with this condition typically have problems with using their muscles. This includes the muscles that are required in speech. Other early symptoms include tingling and numbness. While these signals sometimes indicate that other illnesses may be present, when they are combined with other factors, such as loss of vision, they can lead to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.


Slurred Speech from MS affects people who are over 20 and under 40. MS early symptoms typically come on when people are in their youth. Teens who have had mononucleosis are more at risk for developing this disease. People who live in certain geographical areas also have an increased risk of developing the condition. Scientific studies have established a connection between the HHV4 Epstein Barr virus and MS.


Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

In addition to slurred speech, MS patients also experience tingling.  Individuals also experience sudden paralysis and a lack of coordination. While some of these may be alleviated with medication, drugs are not always necessary to have relief. Physical therapy has helped many people to regain strength. Assistive devices have also proven helpful to those with gait and balance issues.


Slurred Speech MS Tips

Individuals who have to struggle to speak normally often experience embarrassment on the job. Some people are severely affected, while others only have minor difficulties. The embarrassment causes further stress, which can exacerbate their condition. It is important to remember that being tired or hungry can make talking more difficult. People living with this illness should try to schedule certain activities for morning, since this is when they are likely to be more energetic and have fewer difficulties.


Treatment for Slurred Speech

Medication can help to treat some of the factors that contribute to impaired communication in multiple sclerosis patients.  Surgery can also help. The multiple sclerosis Liberation Treatment is a surgical procedure that has improved speech and gait in many people who have the disease. Some individuals who have gone through this procedure have not experienced many positive results. Others have regained sensation in their muscles and have more energy.

The most popular medication that is used to treat MS slurred speech is Symmetrel. Symmetrel is also known by other names, including Amantadine,  PK-Merz and Mantadix.

Physical therapy however, is the most important tool used to help people regain their confidence and bring across their ideas effectively. A language therapist will do exercises that help to build the muscles that are used to talk.


Speech therapists will also train persons to make their most important points before they get tired and use pauses and points of emphasis effectively. Since the slurring can actually make individuals sound like they are drunk, it is important to learn skills that help persons to articulate clearly in any situation. By using the strategies learnt in therapy, patients can be more comfortable wile they are at work or relaxing in social situations.