My Top 7 Sources Of Protein For Lacto Ovo Vegetarians

Sources of protein for lacto ovo vegetarians are an excellent way to get all the building blocks your body needs to build and/or keep muscle mass.
There is a lot of different sources of protein for lacto ovo vegetarians. Therefore, my intention is that after this article, you will no longer need to worry about this. You have to think of a couple of things before you read my top 7 list. Can you get enough protein without eating meat?
Let's consider the facts first.

Luckily, the fact of the matter is that you can get more than enough protein from dairy, eggs, and plant-based foods.

Not convinced yet?

Here are my top 7 sources:

7. Eggs, of course. Highly nutritious. Delicious. Great for breakfast. The benefits are endless. I have eggs for breakfast most days of the week. The reason it is at number 7 on my list of top sources of protein for lacto ovo vegetarians is because you can never have too much of a good thing. I don't believe you should depend entirely on eggs for your protein. That's why there are 6 more foods you can and should include in your diet!

6. Dairy products. Milk, cheeses, yoghurt. These are all excellent ways to get all the protein you really need.

5. Soy and soy products! There is an endless supply of ways you can consume soy. There's soy milk, soy meat alternatives, soybeans... Let's not forget tofu! An added benefit is that it is absolutely terrific for your health. The most healthy kind of soy is probably found in foods like Tempeh. So, eat up!

4. Lentils, peas, and beans! These are all excellent and my personal favorite sources of protein for lacto ovo vegetarians. They really fill you up and the health benefits are infinite. Eating legumes like these every day is one of the best habits you can develop.

3. Nuts! Nuts are just plain delicious. They're almost my second favorite out of all the sources of protein for lacto ovo vegetarians. I usually eat a handful every day.

2. Seeds! Seeds are not only for birds. You should eat them every day like nuts. The health benefits here again are almost endless.

and finally:

1. Seitan! I wrote about seitan in my other article. It has moved up the list for me because I just read an article about the protein content and it really surprised me. It really packs a punch and is my number 1 recommended when it comes to sources of protein for lacto ovo vegetarians.

As you can see, there's definitely no lack of protein sources for lacto ovo vegetarians. Just pick a couple of the sources I listed in this article and add them to your weekly meal plans. 

One thing I wanted to add that I believe is an important note I need to make is this: although protein is not a problem for vegetarians, B vitamins can be. A lot of vegetarians are not getting enough B vitamins(especially vitamin B-12) in their diets. For that reason, I highly recommend that if you are planning on becoming a lacto ovo vegetarian, you should make sure you are supplementing with B vitamins to make sure you're getting all that you need every single day.

Thank you for reading my list of top 7 sources of protein for lacto ovo vegetarians. I hope you liked it. Now you know you can get all you need without eating meat! No more excuses, right?