Do you suspect someone is cheating on you?

Catch them out with a hidden camera

Did you know that there are hundreds of devices that have spy cameras installed in them? If you have reason to suspect you have a cheating boyfriend of girlfriend then one of these cameras is a good first step to clarifying your suspicions without being obvious.

First of all, look for something that you can replace or add in the house that will not be suspicious such as a clock radio or an air deodorizer for example. Some spy cameras require to be plugged into power but not all, which allows you to put them anywhere quite easily without needing to run any cables. They can also be motion activated, which means you don't need to watch hours of video of nothing. Just jump through each point that had motion activation triggered.

The key points to consider before you order your spy camera are: 

  • Does it have internal recording capabilities?

    This really is essential if you want to avoid running cables to an external recording device.

  • How long will it record?

    Will you need to check the recordings every day before they over write or will you get a weeks worth of storage.

  • Are the recordings stored on a removable devices such as a SD card?

    This will allow you to swap out the SD card and review the recordings else where, while the camera is still recording to the second SD card.

    This also means you do not need to talk a computer to the device to download the recordings.

  • How long will the batteries last before charging?

    If it is battery operated, it's better to have the option of swapping the batteries and charging them else where rather than having to charge at the device.

  • Light requirements

    There is no point needing the camera to work at night if it needs lots of light, which is common for many spy cameras due to the small lens opening.

  • Recording resolution

    Aim to record at 640x480 pixels or higher. Any lower and you will struggle to see the detail unless the person is only 5' from the camera.

  • Will it blend in to your home?

Looking at some of the choices of cameras for home, it is best to first decide the room that you are going to use them in then filtering through the huge range of choice becomes much easier. For example if you need one in the bedroom, consider a clock radio or iPod docking station. In a bathroom, a tissue box or a towel hook. A DVD player is ideal for the lounge or family room and a portable stereo is the gift you can give someone and place any where. Even the shed.


Be warned! What you record may shock you but at least you will know.