Are you not able to hit consistent golf shots? Are thin, fat or weak shots your concern? Well, Why not check out the Andy Plummer and Mike Bennet's invention, the 'Stack and Tilt' golf swing after researching for twenty years. Considered to be swing teachers, together they come up with this simple concept which revolutionized golf swing. This concept teaches you how to put your weight on the ball so that there is better contact with the ball. It is a deviation from swinging standards that are conventional. In the conventional swing, weight shift is the focal point where as in swing and tilt, the emphasis is on keeping the body bent over the wall and your weight is placed on the front foot till the swing is completed.

This new, contemporary swing is gaining recognition quite rapidly. The stack and tilt golf swing involves a ball and an axis which is centered over it (stacked). The ball then rotates around the axis (tilt), and the weight is put on the front of the foot, lightly then heavily till the swing is completed. Thus by putting the weight forward it eliminated incomplete weight shifts and problems related to 'reverse pivot'. The result is ball striking consistency and quite often longer distances. This simplifies the nature of the swing yet produces a good effect of the swing with lesser body parts involved. The result is consistent and compact and straighter and longer.

For golfers who use the right hand, the weight is mostly placed on the left foot. The left foot begins to take more and more weight as the back swing begins. The hips are in a horizontal position rather than a tilted angle like the traditional swing. The hips and shoulders center point is in a straight line unlike the traditional swing where the hips have the shoulders centered over them. The tilt, is the slight tilt of the spine towards the target. During impact, the head is stacked over your ball unlike the traditional swing where the head is at the back of the ball.

So what does stack and tilt offer and how? It helps with building ball striking consistency and helps improve the distance. The main component of this method of swing is left side, load up. If the shot is fully loaded, it will release well resulting in an increase in distance. This method of practise is used by some of the PGA tournament participants as well. Be it professional golfers or recreational ones, everyone should possess this golf swing. Unlike the conventional swing this one does bring some variety into the golf swing. There is a fully detailed instruction DVD attached with this machine. This will be extra beneficial for those who have been struggling to get the swing and tilt method in place and are not happy with the traditional method. But if you are comfortable with the traditional swing method then stick to it. Golfers must choose styles that come most naturally and help them feel comfortable to perform better.