When you study Spanish online you will probably learn a few idiomatic expressions. Here are some funny idioms that you may want to learn as you study Spanish online. This list is by no means complete. If you have any others that you would like to add, include them in the comments.

Study Spanish Online: Idioms Involving Animals.

Spanish Idiom: Por si las moscas.
Literal Translation: For if there are flies.
English Idiom Equivalent: Just in case.

Spanish Idiom: Gato escaldado del agua fria huye.
Literal Translation: The scalded cat flees cold water.
English Idiom Equivalent: Once bitten twice shy.

Spanish Idiom: Si esta víbora te pica, no hay remedio en la botica.
Literal Translation: If this viper bites you, there's no remedy in the pharmacy/drugstore.
English Idiom Equivalent: You're playing with fire.

Spanish Idiom: Andar como perros y gatos.
Literal Translation: To move around (conduct oneself) like dogs and cats.
English Idiom Equivalent: They fight like cats and dogs.

Spanish Idiom: Ser perro viejo.
Literal Translation: To be an old dog.
English Idiom Equivalent: A wise old owl.

Spanish Idiom: Pagar el pato.
Literal Translation: Pay the duck.
English Idiom Equivalent: Take the blame. Be the scapegoat.

Spanish Idiom: Un pez gordo.
Literal Translation: A fat fish.
English Idiom Equivalent: A bigwig. A big shot.

Spanish Idiom: Buscarle tres pies al gato.
Literal Translation: To look for three feet of the cat.
English Idiom Equivalent: To go looking for trouble.

Spanish Idiom: Pensar en las musarañas.
Literal Translation: to think about the field mice.
English Idiom Equivalent: to daydream.

Spanish Idiom: Estar como gallina en corral ajeno.
Literal Translation: to be like a hen in someone else's farmyard.
English Idiom Equivalent: to be like a fish out of water.

Spanish Idiom: El burro hablando de orejas.
Literal Translation: The donkey is speaking of ears.
English Idiom Equivalent: The pot calling the kettle black.

Spanish Idiom: Camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente.
Literal Translation: Sleeping shrimp are carried by the current.
English Idiom Equivalent: You snooze, you lose.

Spanish Idiom: Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos.
Literal Translation: Breed cow and they will poke out your eyes.
English Idiom Equivalent: You reap what you sow.

Study Spanish Online: Idioms Involving the Body

Spanish Idiom: No tener pies ni cabeza.
Literal Translation: To not have feet nor head.
English Idiom Equivalent: To have no rhyme nor reason.

Spanish Idiom: No tener pelos en la lengua.
Literal Translation: To not have hair on the tongue.
English Idiom Equivalent: To be outspoken. To not mince words.

Spanish Idiom: Por los pelos.
Literal Translation: By the hairs.
English Idiom Equivalent: By the skin of the teeth.

Spanish Idiom: Poner cara de circunstancias.
Literal Translation: To put a face to the circumstances.
English Idiom Equivalent: To put on a sad face.

Spanish Idiom: Al pie de la letra.
Literal Translation: To the foot of the letter.
English Idiom Equivalent: Word for word.

Spanish Idiom: Andar con pies de plomo.
Literal Translation: To move about with lead feet.
English Idiom Equivalent: To proceed with caution.

Spanish Idiom: Nacer de pie.
Literal Translation: To be born by foot.
English Idiom Equivalent: To be born lucky.

Spanish Idiom: Decir lo que se viene a la boca.
Literal Translation: To say whatever comes to the mouth.
English Idiom Equivalent: To say whatever comes to mind. To speak one's mind.

Spanish Idiom: En boca cerrada no entran moscas.
Literal Translation: No flies enter a closed mouth.
English Idiom Equivalent: Mum's the word.

Spanish Idiom: Le patina el coco.
Literal Translation: His coconut/head slides.
English Idiom Equivalent: He has a screw loose.

Spanish Idiom: Estar hasta la coronilla.
Literal Translation: To be (filled) up to the crown of the head.
English Idiom Equivalent: To be fed up.

Spanish Idiom: No tener dos dedos de frente.
Literal Translation: To not have two fingers on the forehead.
English Idiom Equivalent: To be an idiot.

Spanish Idiom: Un dedo no hace mano, ni una golondrina verano.
Literal Translation: One finger does not make a hand, nor one swallow a summer.
English Idiom Equivalent: Don't count your chickens before they hatch. (Can't think of a better one).

Study Spanish Online: Other Funny Idioms

Spanish Idiom: Pedir peras al olmo.
Literal Translation: To ask the elm tree for pears.
English Idiom Equivalent: Expect the impossible.

Spanish Idiom: Destornillarse de risa.
Literal Translation: To be unscrewed with laugher.
English Idiom Equivalent: To split one's sides laughing. Laugh till it hurts.

Spanish Idiom: Descubrir el polvorín.
Literal Translation: To discover the gunpowder.
English Idiom Equivalent: To discover the secret.

Spanish Idiom: Morder en un confite.
Literal Translation: To bite a piece of candy.
English Idiom Equivalent: To be very close to.

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