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A new company called Nerium International is offering one of the most promising business opportunities in relationship marketing to date for those who want to make money part-time. Its exclusive flagship product Nerium AD is a plant-based, anti-aging treatment that is being used with good results by many. The strength of the Nerium International business opportunity lies in a number of factors -- a lucrative compensation plan, strong flagship product, experienced management team, focus on personal development, and good business timing. In this article, I discuss my personal experiences as a Brand Partner for those who are considering the Nerium International business opportunity for making money part-time.

First, a disclaimer. This article is based on my observations and personal experiences, and it does not necessarily reflect the views of Nerium International or other Nerium International Brand Partners. Your own results and experiences as a Nerium International Brand Partner may vary.

Doing Your Due Diligence

I did a lot of research before joining Nerium International as a brand partner. With a full-time job, a family, and several extra-curricular activities, I am careful about how I spend my time. And of course, I wanted to be able to stand behind a product I was sharing with others. Here's what convinced me to give Nerium International a try -- 1) a solid system and 2) great business timing.

The Nerium International "System"

Basically, when you join a network marketing company, you are buying a "system" that, if you follow it, you stand a good chance of being successful. Here are the elements that are working for me:

Compensation plan. Make no mistake, the Nerium International compensation plan is lucrative and there are a lot of incentives -- "quick hits" that will motivate you to build your business from the get-go. For now, I'm satisfied that I made my money back within the first month (including getting an iPad), and I am seeing regular deposits to my bank account when I am not looking.

I am a relative newbie to Multi-Level Marketing compensation. I've seen people in other MLMs get burned, so of course I was skeptical. However, the Nerium International compensation plan is working for me.

You need to personally sponsor at least three brand partners.  The plan is structured so that people can go at their own pace. I am not a sales person, and it is important for me to feel as if I am helping people, not selling. Certainly getting paid is nice, but I'm looking at this from a long term-perspective, and I'm not just out to make a quick buck. My Nerium business continues to grow slowly -- maybe not as fast as some others above and below me (upline and downline in the relationship marketing-speak) -- but that has been my choice.

A Great Product. The company's one and only product to date is Nerium AD Age-Defying Treatment. My favorite quip from the marketing material is that Nerium AD targets anyone with skin. An accidental discovery and meticulous R&D went into bring this product to the masses. You can read about the clinical trials, safety and results that people have achieved on the website (if you need a link, see my signature box).

I was initially worried that I would be stuck with many bottles of Nerium AD should my efforts fall flat. That was not the case because I take some sort of meaningful action every day whether it be sharing, following up, or studying.  Since my team and I are eager to share Nerium AD with others, I have a hard time keeping bottles in my possession to share.  There is a sense of legitimacy when you don't have to feel desperate for people to use it or buy it. Some I've approached have declined to try it, and that's totally fine. Perhaps they'll want to give Nerium AD a try later.

Nerium AD is a unique product that works, and the company possesses exclusive global rights to it. You do not need to ask people to change their buying habits (e.g., "Buy my soap instead of their soap.") like many other direct companies do. Nerium AD is available through brand partners and their websites with a 30-day money back guarantee offered by Nerium International.  The company sets you up with a website so that customers can get the product directly from the company.  This means that you don't have to stockpile the product at home.  

Management Team. The management team comprises heavy-hitters from the direct marketing industry, led by founder Jeff Olson. These people were perfectly successful doing what they were doing BEFORE Nerium International, but they made the jump anyway. The Nerium International management has also secured endorsements from well-known names in the pharmaceutical industry. If you need links to these online sites as you do your research, see my signature box.

Further, I like that Nerium International (the company) is very careful that its brand partners make accurate claims about the product. A recent email reminded brand partners that Nerium AD can be used for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, uneven texture, and aging skin. Some people (including me) have experienced good results on skin conditions beyond the scope of what Nerium AD has been clinically proven to do, but because of regulatory issues, brand partners cannot make such claims. The management team values integrity and is thus careful about compliance issues.

Personal Development. Based on the training and support provided, Nerium International focuses on the personal development of its brand partners. Becoming a brand partner costs less than the cost of a single college credit at many colleges and universities. You won't get educational "credit," but you will get hands-on learning about business and entrepreneurship, and will be able to practice your soft skills.

Business Timing

The second factor that persuaded me to join Nerium International is good business timing. Nerium International is a young company -- launched in November 2011. I learned that there are roughly 4 stages of a network marketing company: formulation, concentration, momentum, and stability. I learned that Nerium is in the first stage, and entering at the ground floor, my business is poised for growth.

Certainly getting in early does not guarantee success, and there are risks that young companies face. However, Nerium International has received accolades within the industry (such as being featured in the Success from Home magazine) despite its young age. And, as of this writing, I'm eagerly awaiting Nerium International's global expansion. Good timing will help my efforts go a bit further.

If I had to offer a suggestion as Nerium International continues to grow and improve, it would be to improve the typically long response time of email customer support.  In the meantime, as a workaround, toll-free support by phone has been accessible and reliable.  


Working with a direct marketing company might not be ideal for everyone; however, if you have even a slight an entrepreneurial interest, this is a good MLM opportunity to consider.

Joining the business has been a simple way to make money part time. It takes effort, sure, like any worthwhile endeavor, but it has been fun. Because I like Nerium AD, respect the company, and appreciate the research that went into the development of Nerium AD, I feel like I am sharing, not selling, and that was the difference for me. It's gratifying to have you introduced others to something that could help them feel better about themselves and could lead to a better financial future.

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