Who is Megaman?

This video-game character is known as Rocketman in Japan.  Megaman was first released in 1987, and since than has become one of the most popular videogame characters in history.  Megaman has had games released nearly on every kind of video-game system, ranging from Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, and Playstation.


Megaman is not actually a man...but a humanoid robot.  His iconic blue suit, helmet, and mega-buster are recognized worldwide.  His suit gives him the ability to fire energy blasts, jump high, and have super strength.  He has also been known to attain abilities from the enemies he defeats, and shoots them out through the mega-buster on his right arm.


Megaman in Smash BrosMegaman-Super-Smash-Bros-4-Wii-UCredit: 2013 Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.

The Look

I have to say that the model for the character they've built for Megaman in the game looks great!  His design is simple, retaining his familiar blue-suited body.  They were also able to add in details where it counts, like the seams of boots and helmet.

His helmet, boots, glove, belt, and gun have a distinct shine to them, glaring in all the right places.  What I noticed first about Megaman was his facial expression.  They've managed to emphasize the humanoid characteristics in his face by limiting his range of emotions.  He really looks like a robot because of the blank expression on his face.

I seems that Megaman will become one o the more versatile characters in Super Smash Bros 4  because of the wide range in his character abilities.

Let's go over some of the things that were talked about and shown during the E3 2013 Super Smash Bros presentation.


1. Mega-Buster

Unlike most of the characters in Super Smash Bros 4, Megaman will rarely be seen punching and kicking.  Most of his basic attacks will come from his mega-buster.

This is a unique attack because it allows his to attack from a distance, while either jumping, walking, or running.  The mega-buster blast is a small yellow ball, about the size of his fist, and fires out at a normal-paced pulse.

The unique range of abilities Megaman has acquired from the enemies he has defeated is known as the "Variable weapons system".


2. Leaf Shield

This is a shield comprised of leafs that circle around his entire body, resulting in a protective shield.  This entire leaf shield can also be thrown at an opponent, creating another projectile attack for megaman.

This circling leaf attack has a fairly big range, but is fired at a slower pace than the regular mega-buster.  When the leaf shield is fired as a projectile it flies in the direction that megaman is facing.


3. Metal Blade

This is a round, metal, bladed weapon that Megaman can use as a projectile.  The most interesting thing I find about this projectile weapon, is that it can be thrown in a total of 8 different directions!  This metal blade will become a versatile offensive weapon when fending back opponents in matches.

Not only can this weapon be thrown by Megaman, but it can be picked up and thrown by others as well.


4. Crash Bomber

This is a timed bomber that Megaman is able to shoot out from the mega-buster attached to his right arm.  The crash bomber has the ability to stick to whoever it touches and deonates within a few seconds.

 The cool thing to note about this ability is that the time bomb can be passed from player to player by touch.


5. Top Spin

This attack allows Megaman to spin quickly while grounded on a plane.  I don't see much use for this attack other than being used to rack up damage on an opponent.  It seems to come out pretty fast and not have much lag afterwards.


6. Hard Knuckle

This is an attack that is done while in the air.  This is a vertical attack that aims downward and can be used as a meteor attack to smash your opponents forcefully down on the ground, or off stage.  I can easily see this becoming a very used finisher for Megaman.


7. Slash Claw & Flame Sword

These are both horizontal arial attacks.  The slash claw appears to have some sort of electrical damage and the flame sword is a fire sword. 

The slash claw does multiple hits while, the flames word is released in one big swooping blow.  Both of the attacks seem to come out and last about the same amount of time.


8. Spark Shot & Flame Blast

Both of these attacks appear to be chargeable smash attacks.  When charging his hands morph according to the attack he is performing.  The spark shot is aimed upwards and is an electrical attack.  When the spark shot is performed his hands morph into two metal cone shaped objects.

The flame blast is aimed downwards, but appears to have a small attack range to the left and right of Megaman.  The attack appears to be more powerful than the spark shot.



Megaman is definetly already proving to be a great character addition the smash series.  I look forward to seeign what other new challengers arrive while waiting for the games release date.

Who are your favorite Smash Bros characters to use?

Which characters are you looking forward to using most in the game?