In this day and age of immediate information sharing, wouldn't it be cool if there was a place on the web where one could share ideas? A place where you could see and listen to talks from people who are an expert in one or more fileds? A place where learning and sharing is considered a human virtue not to be profited from but there to share freely?

What if I told you such a place exists on the world wide web...

Have you ever heard of

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If not, you must get in tuned with these talks.


But wait, what is TED?

TED is an acronym, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.

It is a non-profit organization, which hold talks from very smart, innovative people about various issues and inventions.


This organization started back in 1984, with the idea of bringing together people from these three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. At these conferences speakers are given 18 minutes to talk about their world changing ideas.


Originally TED was hosted in the USA and in Europe on a biannual basis. One conference was held in Long Beach, Palm Springs and the other in Edinburgh, Scotland.


TED(83968)Credit: www.ted.comToday though, TED has speaker from all over the world speaking at all kinds of locations. You can view more then 900 recordings of the best talks on their website.


This is a wonderful way to hear of world changing ideas from all over the globe.


For example I just watched a talk from Harald Haas, who is a German scientist. He has found a way to wirelessly transfer data using light from a light bulb. The flickering light from a LED bulb (a change to quick to detect for the human eye) can transmit much more data then any cellular tower, and in a way which is more efficient, secure and healthier then what we have going today.


This is a great way to learn new things about many different topics. Show your kids, and your neighbors, tell the world that there are people out there who are working on making the world a better place. You can be a witness to the discoveries of the future and learn about them in 18 minutes. And all this for free.


One more thing before I let you go. If you have something to share with the world, TED welcomes all and everyone to submit their ideas. Who knows, maybe you will be the next pioneer to a great immediate future.