Law of Attraction & Meditation

I’m sure at one time or another you’ve come across the buzz words ‘law of attraction’ and meditation. If not, let me enlighten you with its power.

The law of attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you give your attention to. Whether it’s negative or positive, it will manifest into your life if you keep focusing on it. It’s a system of thinking that allows you to ‘attract’ whatever you truly desire into your life.

Meditation on the other hand is the conscious practice of transcending to peaceful a state of mind. The simple act of meditation can bring a higher sense of awareness, clarity of mind and a host of other benefits.

There’s no doubt to the efficacy of these two individual practices, however my question to you is what happens if we combine the two? That is, combining a powerful system of thinking within a peaceful state of mind.  

Glass of water

A Simple Thought Experiment

Our mind is like a clear glass of water when calm. If you were to stir in some ‘dirt’ into the glass of water it would become cloudy and difficult to see through. That’s exactly what your thoughts are, dirt. In life, when we are bombarded by the constant stresses of life our mind becomes ‘cloudy’. It becomes very difficult to see clearly what the important issues are in life. This is where meditation comes in. Meditation clears the mind by allowing our thoughts to settle. In terms of the metaphor, in time the dirt slowly settles at the bottom of the glass whilst the water is clear once again.

The mind cannot see its goals if it is clouded with thoughts. Law of attraction requires our goals to be clear in the mind so that the Universe can provide exactly what we want. If our mind is muddled with other unimportant thoughts they take away focus and clarity on our more important goals.

It is the combination of clarity of mind and clarity of goals that allows us to achieve success in anything that we truly desire. Let's look at how to combine the two practices to create synergistic results.

What You Need

There are only essentially only 3 elements required for effective Law of Attraction Meditation:

1. A comfortable place free from any distractions – Choose a place that is very comfortable for you, free from any distractions. A place where you can be perfectly still and relaxed. This is critical as any distractions can ‘stir up’ unwanted thoughts.

I tend to lie on my bed in a dark room, on top of the blanket with my body splayed out, open palms (receptive position). The reason you lie on top of your blankets is that you don’t want to induce a sleep state by mimicking your sleeping rituals.

2. A list of goals – The list is especially useful if you are trying to reprogram your mind. Your list ensures you are constantly focusing on the same goals rather than relying on memory. Have a list of about 3-5 goals maximum depending on how much free time you have. The less goals the better since you can dedicate more time to focusing on particular ones.

On your list write down your particular goal i.e. I want to be 77kg or I want to make $10,000 per month. Then be as descriptive as possible in regards to you achieving that goal. For instance, taking my 77kg goal, I would write something like I want to be extremely lean, toned body, have an 8 pack, look like an athlete etc. You want it to be as real as possible in the mind, that’s why writing some key descriptions will help you ‘paint’ that image in your mind.

3. Meditation music – This is optional however I highly recommend using mediation music to help relax the mind and body. The important thing to note about music is that it is peaceful and tranquil music rather than listening to your favorite pop songs. You don’t want the music to drown out your thoughts so keep it to a light background volume.

There is one particular type of meditation music I use to relax and synchronize the mind. Binaural beats is specialized tones that synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and create a synergistic state. This synergistic state is only possible when the frequencies of the two hemispheres are equalized, producing one combined frequency to work in harmony with one another. The effect of the binaural music is to effectively magnify the power of the thoughts whilst inducing a greater relaxed state.

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Law of Attraction Meditation

The 7 Step Method

Step 1: Comfortable Quiet Place

Find a comfortable position in a private room free from distractions. Dark or dimly lit rooms are optimal.

Step 2: Meditation Music

Put on headphones and turn on the meditation music. Keep it at a minimal background level so it won't be too distracting.

Step 3: Goal List

Review your list of goals and their descriptions, put the list next to your side and close your eyes.

Step 4: Relax and Meditate

Now calm yourself down to a meditative state with eyes closed, body fully relaxed and breathing deep and slow (out of your diaphragm) out of your nose. Note the way your breath enters and leaves your body. Do this for about 3-5 minutes to bring yourself to a relaxed and receptive state. Just focus on your breath and nothing else for the time being.

Step 5: Affirmations

This is where you really start to reprogram your mind with affirmations of your goals. Start with your first goal. Say to yourself a few times with conviction the goal you are focusing on, i.e. 'I make $10,000 per month'. Also make sure your affirmations are in the present tense as if you already achieved it. The more you repeat these affirmations with conviction the more you drive them deep down into your subconscious reprogramming it.

Step 6: Visualizations

Visualize this goal and be as descriptive and visceral as possible. See yourself already achieving that goal. Make it as real in your mind as possible, see the colors, feel the emotions, hear the sounds etc. Let your whole body and mind embrace the reality that you’ve painted! The clearer you are in experiencing your goal in your mind’s reality, the more powerful and quicker your goals will manifest.

Ideally you would like to focus on about 2-3, for at least 5 minutes each – the more time you focus on each goal the better so take your time in making it real in your mind first.

“Everything is always created twice, first in the mind and then in reality”

-          Robin Sharma

Step 7: Gratitude

Lastly the most important step is gratitude. After visualizing each goal, spend about a minute or so being grateful for having ‘achieved’ your goal. When you feel gratitude for something you radiate positive energy that brings you even closer to your desires.

Think about a time when you were grateful for something, did it attract more positive opportunities? The idea behind gratitude is to let go your attachments to the goal and to infuse yourself with the nurturing positive energies that help you grow towards your goals.

If you become too attached to the goals you will create negative energy or stress that only serves to propel you further away from your goals. That is why it is critical to be infused with positive energy to move you towards your goals.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, slowly awaken and bring yourself back to your outer reality. Then continue with your daily activities.

Let the Universe Provide

The more you practice the law of attraction meditation the faster you will start noticing positive steps towards your goals. Every other aspect of your life will start to flourish as you are infused with purpose, desire, conviction and other positive energies. It is also important to note that your goals are realistic and achievable, the more challenging the goals might take longer to achieve however they are still possible. Let go of the outcome and let the energies of the Universe manifest the opportunities that take you towards your true desires.  Try it out and see if it works for you, if it doesn’t then you have at least gotten some alone time to relax and unwind~