Credit: Melissa Allor

Why choose container gardening?

Perhaps like myself you live in an area where the soils are sandy and nothing grows well, or perhaps you have other soil troubles that make managing the soil both expensive and time consuming, yet you still want to enjoy the benefits of growing your own food. You've read all about self sustained living and it intrigues you, so how do you go about doing it? 

Container Gardening! 

Not only do you have control of the soil, but you have control of the weather in how it effects your plants. Temperatures that get too cold outside can be solved by bringing plants inside and too much or too little rain can also be managed by watering your plants your self and taking them in and out of the rain when necessary.

Whether you choose to grow flowers or vegetables, it's completely up to you! In fact many people choose to grow both as the flowers will likely attract our pollinating bees which is only going to benefit your container garden.

Credit: Melissa Allor

Health and Wellness

Now container gardening offers many health and wellness benefits, not the least of which gets you outside and interested in a new project. 

These benefits can be as simple as getting fresh air, opening your mind to new things, or can be more therapeutic where the simple task of caring for another living thing can provide immense satisfaction when seeing it thrive.

Other benefits are more tangible, for example if you are growing vegetables, your health may greatly improve by the increase in consumption of the veggies depending on your current intake. 


Flower 2
Credit: Melissa Allor

Lesser Known Benefits

It gets you out in the community. If you are in an apartment, perhaps there is an area designated for resident gardens. Being out and part of a community activity is good for the soul, and can help you to meet and perhaps create great friendships over your love for gardening. Heck, even gardening woes bring people together to commiserate. There are many gardening classes out there as well for those that are really into it, these classes such as learning to become a master gardener can also help to bring people of similar interests together growing your social circle.

At home, container gardening can extend the life of the growing season. By bringing plants indoors, or even using a greenhouse for your container gardening you will get the desired effect of longer lasting and therefore, hopefully, longer producing plants. 


"You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt."

And finally, Container gardening, is an excellent way to relieve the stress of the day, potting and re-potting, trimming and caring for your plants will be a great outlet for your troubles. 


Credit: Melissa Allor