Whether you are dressing up as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Daffy Duck; Disney Store costumes are perfect for everything from Halloween to birthday parties. The only thing is that there are literally nearly 100 characters to choose from. Walt Disney made an insane amount of movies and musicals; moreover, a ton of Disney characters became famous through them!

I am not here to tell you all of the Disney characters that you can dress up as. This article is geared towards opening your eyes to the top 5 Disney store costumes that you can wear. Whether you are going trick or treating or having a Disney themed birthday party, dressing up as any of these 5 disney characters would be perfect!

Remember that you can choose to buy these costumes from the Disney store or go on Amazon to purchase them at prices that are discounted up to 60% off of their price tags!

Girls, Young And Old, Can Dress Up As Disney’s Cinderella

It has always been a girl’s dream to dress up as one of the Disney princesses for Halloween; however, there are at least 5 Disney princesses that are popular enough to be recognizable to the public!

What makes Cinderella the best princess to dress up as?

The simple fact that her hair, outfit, and jewellery are over the top...the way a princess’s should be!

One of the greatest things about choosing to dress up as Cinderella over the other Disney store costumes is the simple fact that no age group can be put on her costume! You can dress up as Disney’s Cinderella for Halloween, whether you are 3 years old or 30!

Jasmine And Aladdin Work Perfectly When It Comes To Disney Costumes For Couples

Surprisingly, many people have trouble finding couples costumes that work for them. There is an absolutely massive selection of costumes that are available; however, there are two minds to be pleased rather than one!

I have come up with the perfect pair of Disney store costumes that would suit nearly any couple! Jasmine and Aladdin!

Aladdin is a fairy tale about a poor boy, a princess, and a magic carpet ride.

The one thing that you should think about before ordering the Jasmine and Aladdin costumes from Amazon is the fact that they are sort of revealing. These two Disney characters lived in the dessert, so they had to wear some light clothes to keep cool. However, these are the best Disney costumes for people that want to show some skin on Halloween!

Babies Can Dress Up In A Mickey Mouse Costume

It is hard to decide on a baby’s Halloween costume simply because there is such an insanely massive selection! There are literally two baby costumes for every adult costume in any given Halloween store.

However, I would deem Disney’s infant Mickey Mouse costume as the perfect choice for your baby for a few reasons:

-The Disney character is easily recognizable. Everyone will know which character you are dressing your baby up as.

-It is easy to put on! Babies do not like wearing unusual fitting clothes; the baby Mickey Mouse costume can simply be slipped over a baby’s head/body.

-The giant black ears are easily seen. Do you want your baby to be the highlight of Halloween? Dressing him/her up as Mickey Mouse will easily attract the attention of everyone at the party!

Peter Pan Is One Of The Few Unisex Disney Store Costumes That You Can Buy

Unisex Halloween costumes are amazing because they can be worn more than once. In addition, wearing a costume twice causes its “cost per use” to be split in half!

With that being said, Peter Pan is the perfect costume to wear twice because it is absolutely universal due to the fact that it is a unisex costume! Suppose that you (the husband) wear the Peter Pan costume once, and your wife wears that exact same Disney costume during the following Halloween. The overall cost would be divided in half because it was used twice as opposed to once!

When it comes to the massive selection of Disney character costumes that you can choose from, Peter Pan is your best bet because it can be worn by men and women!

Captain Hook And Jack Sparrow Are The Best Pirate Costumes By Disney

Dressing up as a pirate for Halloween seems to be a trend that is growing in popularity as the years go by!

When it comes to Disney’s pirates, Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow are the most popular!

To top it off, there are literally hundreds of Hook/Sparrow costumes to choose from, so you will surely find something that suits your needs!

Whether you are dressing up for Halloween or a school event, these 5 Disney store costumes are the perfect choices for you!