Wireless Security Systems Are Not All Made Equal

The Many Uses of Security Cameras

A wireless security camera system can be great for a multitude of purposes. For home use, they are essential security devices that help keep your home safe from burglars, criminals, and other unwanted intruders. These systems are also trusty companions at the workplace, where they secure offices, monitor and deter undesirable behavior.

Besides such conventional security uses, these cameras are also used for a host of other purposes including the monitoring of wildlife, making sure babies are safe, and even for two-way communication in places such as gasoline stations.

Hence, cameras in the market these days cater for many different niches, and you should have a clear idea of what you will be using your camera for, and what sort of features you require before deciding on any particular system.

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Wireless security cameras are also sometimes referred to as Network Cameras or IP Cameras. More specifically, they are ‘Internet Protocol Cameras”. Unlike classic analog cameras that worked on closed circuit television, a wireless IP camera sends and receives it’s data through use of computer networking via the Internet. This means that you won’t have to struggle with cords and wires, and you’ll be able to conceal your cameras more easily should you choose to. 

Important Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Wireless Security Camera System

Key factors to consider when choosing a Wireless Security Camera System:

  • What purpose will this camera system serve?
  • Is video quality very important? 
  • Is the camera for monitoring or deterrence? 
  • Is the camera for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Will you require Night Vision Capabilities?
  • What, if any, are your audio needs for your system?
  • Will you require in-built motion detection or other alarm trigger system?
  • Do you want your live camera feeds accessible from your phone or tablet?

 Without having a good idea of what you need out of your wireless cameras, you won’t have any idea where to begin looking. Also, it is impossible to gather a solid idea of what sort of price range you will be looking at for what you need if you don’t know what you require first. 

Indoor or Outdoor?

If you are looking for a wireless security system for your business, or some home security cameras: chances are you’re going to need at least a few cameras that can handle being used outdoors. Outdoor wireless security cameras can be a little more costly, as they need to be more durable. You’ll be looking at an average of $250 or so for a decent outdoor wireless security camera.

However, if you’re interested in purchasing your camera system for more internal home uses like monitoring your children or babies for safety: you should be just fine with an indoor home security camera system. Being able to stick with an indoor camera system that doesn’t have to stand up to the elements can save up to $100 in some cases.

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Is Night Vision Necessary?

Knowing ahead of time if spending the extra money on night vision capabilities for your security camera system is necessary is always a good idea. Consider the regular lighting for the location of each camera you need. Any places you can get away with a regular camera with decent light sensitivity can really help you cut down your over all cost of installing your system.

Transversely, if you are going to be using the cameras to monitor sleeping children: you’re going to want to be able to see them clearly when the lights to out. The detail of the video can be critical if you have a child with any sort of illness or condition that can pose any risks to their health while they’re sleeping.

You Can't Hear With Your Eyes

If being able to hear what’s happening through your security feeds is important to your needs, you’ll need to make sure that the camera system you purchase has those capabilities. This can increase your expenses but is also very important in some situations.

If you use your cameras to monitor employee conduct in your business, audio can be incredibly helpful. Also, if you’re using your camera system as a child or baby monitoring system: audio can help you more clearly distinguish between movements of distress or excitement. Sometimes it is more than worth the extra cost ot make sure you get everything you need out of your system.


There are many more features that can be available with a wireless security camera system. Knowing what features you might encounter while you’re searching is important. If you don’t have any use for a feature that effects the pricing of a product then you shouldn’t pay for it. Also, don’t ever assume that a feature is standard with all models. It could pose very troubling to find that you purchased a camera system that does not have all of the features you require.

Other features to consider when looking for a Wireless Camera System:

  • HD Video Capabilities
  • Image Resolution
  • 2-Way Audio (Send and Receive audio to and from what you’re seeing)
  • Mobile Device Monitoring (check your feeds from your phone or tablet)
  • Motion Detection
  • Real time video controls (Pan, Zoom, Pause, Play)

If you make sure that all of your needs are met, then you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your security camera system.