What are Djinn?

The idea of a wish-granting genie at your beckon call is exciting, and many people make it a hobby to summon and collect them.  But before summoning your own jinni, lets explore exactly what a jinni is, and if summoning one is a good idea.

Jinni are interdimensional beings who can pass between realms and interact with humans.  There are different types, each with a different origin, depending on how they were created.  Some were created from smokeless fire, and others from the astral realm.  Islamic jinni, the type we hear about in the west most often, is the jinni of Aladdin, the fiery beings bound to magic lanterns, obliged to grant wishes to anyone who bring them forth by rubbing the lantern.  These are the type of most often summoned and bound by those in the west, and also tend to be the most cooperative with humans.



Types of Djinn and How to Connect to Them

Black or White Magic?

Certain people will warn fervently against summoning djinn, claiming they are demons who will destroy your life, as well as everyone else's around you.  Indeed, certain types of jinni are associated with black magic and dark arts.  Other people, however, insist that jinni are as unique and varied as humans, and that its not fair to stereotype all of them because of a few bad apples.  

The reality is probably in the middle.  Working with genie is considered grey magic, not entirely white or neutral as a magical art, but not necessarily black magic either.  If you attempt to summon and bind one, there is always a risk you might end up with an evil one, so only try it if that's a risk you are willing to take.

If you choose to attempt to summon your own wish-granting jinni, there are ways to increase your chances of summoning a lighter one.  Female jinni tend to be more lighter than males, and Marid jinni are usually a safe way to go as well.  The Shaitan are the darkest, and working with this type is reserved for those very experienced with working with jinni.  Summoning a Shaitan can cause great danger and havoc to someone who is not knowledgeable and experienced with jinni.  Egyptian, Cleopatra, Astral, and African djinn, are on the lighter side.

A Jinni Summoning Ritual

The Benefits of Owning a Jinni

Many people claim to own the lighter jinni, since they bring luck, prosperity, and protection to their owners.  Its much like having powerful friends in high places, and if you treat your jinni well, taking time to connect with him or her, and offering treats, the jinni will take care of you in return.  Treating your djinn well will have a positive result, while neglecting or mistreating your jinni will not.  Much like humans, they are complex beings with feelings and emotions, and they have a strong desire to protect their owners once a bond is formed.  If harmed or mistreated, they may also have a strong desire to exact revenge, so tread carefully with these powerful and volatile beings.

If you choose to summon a jinni and are a beginner at this art, first do your research and proceed with caution.  There are various invocation rituals available on the web.  Look at it like making a new friend, and it will be a relationship you will need to nurture long before profiting from it.

Have you summoned a genie before, or thought about it?