Cast aluminum patio furniture

In the event that you are in the market for outdoor furniture, you will find that there is a wide variety of choices as it relates to styles, costs and materials.  Unfortunately, it could be difficult to find the features and qualities that you would in your outdoor furniture without spending lots of money.  Being informed is the best method of making a decision with which you will be happy for a long time and purchasing patio furniture is no different. 

Prior to diving into the sea of price ranges, styles and other options, it is important to be aware of what you will be getting when all of that money is spent.  Perhaps you have a preference for wooden furniture sets but you are concerned about the material not being adequately durable to withstand the elements to which it will be exposed.  You might have a preference for wrought iron pieces but you have to consider that it is quite expensive, it rusts and it is heavy.  

As a result of advances in technology which drive outdoor furniture development, there is an option for outdoor living that is sophisticated in appearance, relatively low in cost and high in quality.  Comfort and elegance can be added to any décor with the inclusion of cast aluminum patio furniture. 
The versatility of cast aluminum patio furniture makes them a great option with a number of benefits.   Some of the detailed benefits are included below:


Aluminum is the most plentiful metal found in the crust of the earth and it is very widely available.  This is an indication that it is super inexpensive to acquire.  Whether a complete set of cast aluminum patio furniture is being purchased for several thousand dollars or simple accent pieces, the savings will certainly be appreciated.


The metal that has the best strength to weight ratio is aluminum and that extends to patio furniture as well.  This essentially means that cast aluminum patio furniture are both reliable and durable.  In fact, in the event that cast aluminum patio furniture is chosen for your outdoor space, most likely you will only need a single set for your lifetime.


Aluminum is very easy to work with; therefore, manufacturers have the capacity to make a wide variety of styles and designs.  Given that this material is almost effortless to work with, the cost of labor is lower, further reducing the price of the finished products.

Light Weight

Apart from being resilient to the outdoors, these furniture pieces are amazingly lightweight and can be easily moved around.  In the event that the tables and chairs have to be moved, the process will not require a great deal of strength and it will not take up a lot of time.  Cast aluminum patio furniture, particularly when done with a high-quality finish, might look very similar to wrought iron; however, it will last a lot longer and will not corrode as it ages.


Aluminum undergoes a unique chemical reaction which is incredibly advantageous to furniture, particularly pieces designed for outdoor usage.  This process is known as aluminum oxidation and it occurs when an undetectable, wildly resilient and thin layer forms on top of the metal creating a coating that is close to being impenetrable.  The coating seals the pieces of furniture, safeguarding it against the rays of the sun, usage on a daily basis and inclement weather.


The technique of sand casts being filled with liquid metal enables greater detail and fresher, newer designs and shapes than will be found in other metal pieces of furniture.  Given that manufacturers of aluminum furniture do not need to be concerned about the material weight, cast aluminum patio furniture might be more comfortable and feature more sophisticated detailing when compared to its wood or wrought iron counterparts.

While the benefits that can be derived from cast aluminum patio furniture highlights the remarkable qualities of aluminum, design elements of the outdoor space can be customized to suit your personal taste, through the fabrics chosen for the cushions.  Top of the line cast aluminum furniture is frequently paired with high-quality fabric that is quick to air-dry, water repellent, will not fade or mildew and designed to stay colorful and bright in spite of exposure to the forces of mother nature.     

Pricing and Quality of Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Different quality levels are there within the category of cast aluminum.  Lower quality cast aluminum sets are quite likely manufactured or assembled by machine.  Nothing is wrong with this; however, the welding work and other attention to detail may not be as detailed.  In addition, you should look carefully at the finish quality.  In the event that a piece of furniture has a poor or damaged finish in its brand new state, further problems will definitely develop as it ages.

However, there are skilled craftsmen who have incredibly high standards of perfection and very often put together furniture sets of extremely high quality.  The molds that are used to form the aluminum pieces could be hand carved into sophisticated patterns and designs.  The finishes will be more detailed and richer.  Additionally, the higher the quality of the furniture, the more it will likely be "beefed-up" by the use of additional bracing and perhaps even thicker aluminum.

More often than not, costs are directly proportional to the quality of the furniture pieces.  For the most part, higher prices is an indication of higher quality; however, this is not always the case.  Warranties are a huge factor as it relates to patio furniture pricing as well.  The longer the duration of the warranty, the better the manufacturer anticipates the furniture pieces to hold up.  That is usually gauged in the cost.

In the event that you are exploring options for outdoor furniture, think about giving cast aluminum patio furniture a try.  With its durability and strength, lightweight convenience and fresh designs, aluminum outdoor furniture will provide the best option for furnishing the patio or other outdoor spaces for years to come.

Here's a great video on how Cast aluminum furniture is made