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The beginning of your podcast

Many people today are looking to podcasting to brand their image, boost revenue to their business, or live the dream of radio broadcasting in their own home or business. You've done your homework well in advance so you know what you're going to be talking about. You've got all the equipment needed ready to go so when you start you aren't missing anything. You have your social media, hosting, and programs ready to make the magic happen. All that's left now is to press record on your recording software and the podcast is officially underway. The only trouble is....you are hesitating to press record and you can't seem to muster up the courage to do it.

Dealing with the fear

There are a number of reasons why you may feel fear in pressing the record button. One is the fear of your own preconceived notions. You fear that you will mess up somehow, that you won't sound as good as you do in your head and therefore, you feel like it's going to sound terrible. Another reason is a fear of others. What will others think of my content? Will I sound funny to them? Will they like me and what I'm offering? You have to push past this as all of us have some level of fear of others. What it takes is being comfortable with yourself.

Credit: pixabay.com

Passion before polish, progress before perfection

What helped me when I first started podcasting was knowing that I wasn't going to be perfect no matter how many takes and edits I made in post production. The truth that stunned me after doing some research is that people don't really care about perfection, they care about passion.

I've seen people that spoke and enunciated very clearly. They were great orators and spoke with great precision and tone. The problem is they sound mechanical and fake. They don't sound like they enjoy what they are saying, but instead are more focused on how great their voice is. People have fallen asleep to some great speakers because there was no passion, no intentionality.

I've seen other speakers who were rough in their delivery. Their voice cracked, they sweat, they look nervous. What makes them stand out and makes people lean in to listen is their passion for what they are saying. Get someone to believe in what you believe in, and you've got them hooked. Passionate speakers always beat out polished speakers.

Focus on progress by actually doing it. The truth is, people won't like you no matter what you do, but as long as you enjoy what you're doing then the passion will rise up and you will succeed. Podcasters need to be passionate because all they have is a microphone and their voice. If you deliver a passionate show, even if it's not perfect or polished, you will have won many new listeners over because people want authentic and genuine speakers to listen to.