With the immensity of Stanley Park and the scenic waterways of English Bay,
Coal Harbour and beyond, there is a lot
to value about Vancouver. 

On the northern side of the city, rocky mountains stretch out into the distance, providing a scenic backdrop to this
vibrant and lively tourist spot.

Often sought out by travellers and immigrants looking for a better life, Vancouver is everything a visitor or resident could want, and more.

Photo of English Bay, Vancouver, BC, CanadaCredit: User:Solstag / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0 license

City of Vancouver

Featuring a collection of restful parks, tree-lined streets and downtown vistas, the metropolis of Vancouver is accessible and friendly, even with its network of busy roads and towering glass buildings.

A haven for hikers, snowboarders, skiers, adventure seekers, as well as wild animals, the surrounding landscape of Vancouver is home to species such as bears, wolves, ravens and mountain lions. As the largest city in the province of British Columbia, it boasts a unique wilderness appeal that is rarely experienced in other locations in the world.

Top Green City

Well-known for its public parks and forest environments, the city of Vancouver is abundantly green, and is set to become even greener still. It has ambitions to become the greenest city on the planet in 2020 and already has an action plan set in place. 

The Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, as it is called, is expected to make a visible difference to the city and the quality of life enjoyed by its inhabitants. Bringing into play many essential elements that are needed to create a healthy lifestyle for people, it hopes to provide positive benefits for all – including nature.

From green transportation and buildings, to local food, clean air and clean water, this plan is a far-reaching vision that aims to achieve a lighter ecological footprint and a more respectful use of the Earth's natural resources.

Green Vancouver

The Greenest City 2020 Action Plan focuses on three prime areas:

• zero waste
• zero carbon, and
• healthy ecosystems.

As an initiative with measurable targets, the plan acknowledges the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Promoting a greener future for Vancouver involves more than just the actions of local government. Businesses are being encouraged to 'go green' with incentives to promote energy efficient upgrades, waste reduction, green fleets and sustainable commuting for staff members. 

Communities are also considered in the 2020 Action Plan, with financial incentives available to citizens who are committed to making their homes more energy-efficient. Solid waste and recycling programs are another high priority, with less tolerance given to careless rubbish disposal and demolition waste. 

There is ongoing expansion of the city's Green Bin Program, which is enabling more products, bottles and packaging to be recycled, rather than sent to landfill. With EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) policies established in the BC province, the onus is on manufacturers to ensure their products have minimum impact of the environment and to account for the end-of-life of their products.

Davie Street Community Garden in the city of Vancouver, BC, CanadaCredit: Geoff Peters / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0 license

Bright Green Future 

Bordered by sea, the United States and the Coast Mountain range, Vancouver is frequently regarded the most liveable city in the world. Diverse in population and inspiring in its potential, it will likely be the greenest of all international cities in 2020.

With a clear vision and in-depth action plan to follow, it is now full steam ahead for the green city of Vancouver, Canada.