Why we need a lot of garlic during detoxification

Garlic (Allium Sativum) is essential for the detoxification of heavy metals once they begin to be expelled from the organs and tissues. In the bloodstream garlic has been shown to protect blood from oxidative damage that is caused by the exposure of red and white cells to metal particles. Garlic’s sulphur compounds react with mercury, cadmium and lead particles. This makes them water-soluble and thus easier to excrete. Calcium binds to the toxic particles and prevents further harm to the body on the way out.

garlic crown and cloves of garlic

Garlic contains bio-available selenium that also protects us from mercury toxicity. Selenium is an important mineral that helps to support thyroid health and immunity. It makes sense to have garlic with food – so close to all those amalgam fillings you may still have. Secondary infections and other reactions like increased mucous, nausea or diarrhoea are often common to a detoxification protocol. Fortunately garlic helps to fight off microbial infections with the potent sulphur-based compound called allicin. Eating fresh garlic with food ensures that these substances are active. Eating too much garlic is said to be harmful but unlike laboratory rats, we only eat a little garlic with our food and 2 cloves a day is all it takes to do the job.

Disclaimer and health warning for people on medications

This information is for your interest and although it is based on many studies on the therapeutic use of garlic it should not be used without  advice from a qualified Doctor or Medical Practitioner. This is especially important if you are taking any form of medication. Please consult your physician or health care provider before taking any home remedies, supplements or starting a new health regime.Heavy metal detoxification needs medical supervision even if it is with something as innocent as a few cloves of garlic.

Garlic when taken at therapeutic doses of 2 - 4 cloves a day can duplicate the effects of patent drugs that are used to control high blood pressure, uncontrolled blood sugar and high LDL cholesterol. It may be necessary to work out a protocol with your therapist in order to balance out the beneficial effects that taking garlic has on these conditions. It is not wise to double up on a natural treatment and still take a full dose of drugs that have the same effect.

Parasites favour heavy metal. Garlic helps to gets rid of both problems

Parasites and microbes like bacteria, yeast, mould and fungi favour areas of the body that have higher levels of heavy metals, especially lead and mercury. This malevolent combination is also a major contributor to brain fog otherwise known as dementia or ADD.Fortunately a good rush of garlic will help to get rid of both problems over time, providing one is persistent and consistent. The treatment is best combined with a strict detoxification protocol that also includes the use of diatomaceous earth, probiotics and loads of fresh fruit, vegetable and herb juices.

chlorophyll in green herbs as a deodorantBlender jug add water

Other benefits from eating a reasonable amount of garlic every day include controlling high blood pressure and lowering bad cholesterol. Garlic helps to prevent the oxidation of triglycerides, known as LDL or low density lipids that contribute to "bad" cholesterol.

How to benefit from garlic every day

After 14 days, chopped, dried or processed garlic products lose many of their valuable properties. To unleash its healing effects garlic is best when crushed and allowed to rest for about 15 minutes. The crushed or chopped garlic releases the active components. Add the garlic to olive oil, sea salt, herbs, spices and lemon juice and keep the leftovers in a small container for the rest of the day. Enjoy the mixture on vegetables and salads or with any cooked food.

Crush garlic 1/2 hour before you eat itOnion and crushed garlicCredit: Sue Visser

The garlic huff comes mainly from the lungs and skin. Deal with it.

What we call garlicky breath is due to the sulphur compounds it contains. Some people expel more of it than others via the mouth, lungs and even the skin. Chlorophyll nullifies the characteristic odour of “people-processed” sulphur compounds. That is why chewing a few sprigs of parsley helps to get rid of the garlicky smell and taste in the mouth after a meal. Chlorophyll is present in all green leaves. Drinking green juices made from wheat grass, spinach and a variety of herbs will also help to reduce odour.

After eating garlic immediate relief from the dominant taste of garlic is provided by mint, brushing teeth, using a mouthwash or chewing gum. Garlic then infuses into the bloodstream and is exhaled by the lungs, even 72 hours later. During the detoxification process garlic plus the toxic compounds it rounds up along the way then ooze through skin pores. A good soak in a bath containing salt or Epsom salts takes care of that. It is good to scrub the skin with fresh rosemary and lavender sprigs, tied into a piece of cloth to improve circulation

Rub garlicky finger with lemon

Garlic releases a beneficial gas – hydrogen sulphide

Try this at home. Add a few crushed cloves of garlic to a jam jar of water. Keep it closed for a few days and then get a whiff of hydrogen sulphide. It gan be a dangerous gas in large quantities but the body needs it to stay healthy. Red blood cells begin to release hydrogen sulphide when they are exposed to garlic. Studies have shown that hydrogen sulphide can protect against various cancers; especially breast, prostate and colon cancer. It is an important gaseous neurotransmitter and has a similar action to nitric oxide in helping to relax blood vessels.

hydrogen sulphide from garlic

According to more recent medical reports hydrogen sulphide also protects neurons and heart muscle from oxidative damage. The equivalent of two crushed cloves of garlic were used in the rat trials. Hydrogen sulphide from the garlic upon interacting with the red blood cells caused the blood vessels to relax up to 72% more. This simple experiment shows us how to lower blood pressure without medications.The fact that people are warned to lay off garlic before surgery because it is a blood thinner provides enough evidence for the way garlic keeps the blood thin.

No more clots required - just eat garlic and review your medications because garlic may be duplicating their effects. It is therefore  dangerous to take garlic with medications at the prescribed levels. Please ask your doctor about this if you are taking more than 2 - 4 cloves of garlic a day, especially with ginger because it also thins the blood. Garlic also plays a critical role in insulin regulation, so why take drugs to do this? More garlic please!

Garlic is good for sex - vasodilation here we come!

Aristotle regarded garlic as an aphrodisiac so now we can catch up on the chemistry behind this attribute. It certainly is not from an olfactory point of view! Phew - garlic kisses? After a romantic meal with lots of garlic, the effects become more evident. An increased supply of hydrogen sulphide in the bloodstream sets off vasodilation. This relaxes the walls of blood vessels and other smooth muscles and improves circulation - especially down there.

For treating erectile dysfunction some promising studies have shown that it can help to bring on the big one by allowing more blood to flow into the corpus callosum (the supportive tissue behind the penis) to improve rigidity. Then the increased blood flow raises the penile blood pressure and then - we know what happens. It is said that women also enjoy a rush of blood to their pleasure parts and this includes the labia, clitoris and corpus callosum.

Apart from boosting the raunchy bits, garlic-derived hydrogen sulphide helps protect cardiovascular health and regulate insulin at the same time. This would imply that in the first place, if garlic is used to regulate insulin then diabetics would be happier with their sex life and their doctors would be happier with their cardiovascular profile.

Garlic and coleus forskholiin can improve eyesight?

A study on the neurons associated with the retina using rats' eyes shows some promising improvement for eye problems that affect the retina. Although the study used other forms of donors for hydrogen sulphide,  garlic also releases enough hydrogen sulphide to support evidence that it is beneficial to eyes when present in the bloodstream. However, do not expose your eyes to crude forms of this gas in the environment because topically, it can cause eye damage or irritation. On contact, rinse out the eyes with milk or water and then get medical help.

The effect of this gas increases when combined with cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Here too, we have a natural source of this energy source that triggers the relaxation of smooth muscles: the herb coleus forskholii. So when you take a Coleus Forskholii supplement, have it with garlic and you can optimise on your levels of hydrogen sulphide. There are a lot of recent studies on the health benefits of hydrogen sulphide and most of them are as recent as the year 2000. We can look forward to some interesting information emerging from the research that has been done. It supports age-old beliefs that garlic is truly beneficial for human health and helps to explain how and why. Now you know - it's mainly because of allicin and hydrogen sulphide. What a gas!

Tips for the garlic chef

  • Raw garlic is the most potent. But it must be cut or crushed 1/2 hour beforehand.
  • Cook with it by all means, but it will lose some of the health benefits - but makes food so delicious.
  • Make yourself garlic "juice" by soaking cut or crushed garlic in a jar of water. After a few days this liquid can be sprinkled onto dishes, added to hot or cold soups or mixed into sauces for a quick, clean, zap of garlic.
  • Use half a cut lemon to get rid of the pong on  your fingers. Afterwards use the lemon to wipe down your cutting surfaces. Wooden chopping boards tend to harbour the pungent smell of garlic. I once made the mistake of using the same board to make a fruit salad. Never again! So now I chop garlic  on a plate and allow it to fume away for 1/2 hour.

Heavy metal detox: home protocol

I prefer to use a normal electric blender to make juice out of herbs, grasses and kitchen scraps. When combined with water and macerated, they release a lot more active plant components such as enzymes and alkaloids. The foam at the top of your whizzed up concoction is evidence of the presence of water soluble saponins.

Heavy metal detox

Metal detox juice recipe: (make 2 servings)

Add 1 cup of coriander leaves – plus the roots, 1 ½ cups of water with a chopped apple, ½ cup of parsley and ½ cup celery into an electric blender and process it all into a pulp. Optional extras: 1 teaspoon of vitamin C powder, a slice of fresh ginger or 4 fresh olive leaves. Strain it all through a strong stocking stretched over a large beaker or use piece of cloth placed on a sieve and squeeze out all the juice.

  • Before breakfast, make the juice and drink half of it.
  • After breakfast, take 10 chlorella tablets. (Blue green algae supplement.)
  • Later on have the rest of the juice. The coriander leaves begin to agitate out the heavy metal particles. Once this is done we need to trap them with pectin, so eat plenty of apples. The chlorella tablets help to trap, detoxify and protect one from the particles. Garlic protects the blood cells, as we now know.
  • During the day have light meals or snacks frequently and add freshly crushed garlic to your salads and other foods. Also eat Brazil nuts (more selenium), walnuts or almonds, apple slices and rice crackers with mashed avocado pear and garlic. Finish off by chewing a few sprigs of parsley, to keep the garlic fumes at bay.
  • Drink water with ½ lemon squeezed in it, as often as you can to stay alkaline. You can add a pinch of Himalayan salt.
  • At supper time lots of turnips, butternut, green vegetables, onions, rice and eggs, fish or turkey.
  • Bedtime: 1 – 2 teaspoons of calcium and magnesium supplement in ½ glass water. Alkaline minerals will now bind to metal and other toxic particles and are then excreted as solid or liquid waste the next morning.

You will feel different - as if the fog has blown away! You can do this protocol once a week and it will steadily help to ease your burden of heavy metal and make you feel lighter by the day. I find that a shot of this magic juice immediately makes me feel more energetic.

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