Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo's Switch Stock Problem

It's no surprise that on March 3rd the Nintendo Switch was releasing and it was going to be huge. Lines outside of stores all around the world grew the night of the release and people packed into game and electronic stores like rabid animals. Who can blame them? The Nintendo Switch is one seriously amazing new game system that can both be played as a home console and also on the road as a mobile gaming device. The problem that we face right now is actually being able to get one.

Scalpers, Scammers, and Sad Faces

Because stock was low, people saw a business opportunity to wait in line and buy up a number of switches. They would then turn around and sell them on ebay and craigslist to people who were unable to get them at 1.5 to almost 3 times the price. Other people scammed unsuspecting victims out of their money by delivering something other than a switch.

This brings great sadness to me and to millions of faithful Nintendo fans as we can't get our hands on the beloved new console while also seeing scalpers and scammers get their hands on numerous ones trying to rip off people that weren't lucky enough to have a pre order or an opportunity to wait in line.

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Next Restock of Nintendo Switch

Word has it that while stores have seen trickles of Nintendo Switch systems coming from their trucks, there isn't a substantial amount of the new system reaching shelves until April. Early April is the next big shipment coming to most stores. This isn't going to solve the problem of the stock shortage around the world; many people are calling their local Target, Gamestop, or Walmart daily to see if stock is in. has a comment section, and it's almost comical seeing how people are literally pressing f5 on their keyboard every 5 seconds looking for an online store or center to have Nintendo Switch systems in stock.

Once we start to see a regular shipment of Switch systems coming to stores, the scalpers and scammers will not be able to make their money back as people can go to the store and pick one up for $299.99 and not $499.99. Eat it scalpers!

And now...the waiting game

For now and for probably the next few months, it's going to be difficult to get a Nintendo Switch because of how high the demand is. Recent reports show that they are planning on getting a slew of new consoles out into the market place and we could see a strong contender to the original Wii sales figures rising up. This would be great as gaming studios and companies will see how strong the Nintendo Switch is and will want to produce quality games for it. I'm still holding out for a Rocket League announcement. Overwatch would be amazing, but there have been articles that came out that noted a port to the Switch would be extremely difficult. We can conclude that it won't happen, but let's not give up hope.

I'm holding out on trying to get a Nintendo Switch until after April 28th when Mario Kart 8 comes out. Until that point, I'm focused on other things in life that are keeping me busy. I want to be able to casually walk into a Target or Walmart and pick up a system, controllers, games, and a carrying case without fighting tooth and nail over any stock that comes in. I can't wait to get one for myself, but until the stock shortage issue rectifies itself I'm just going to have to settle for other games and ventures. Good luck to you and your hunt if you are calling daily to find one!