It is without doubt that RAM or memory is about the most important item in a console. When there is enough RAM in a system it allows the developers to try different kinds of tricks and do many things there want to do. With enough RAM in a system developers can do better graphics, physics, AI and a lot more. But RAMs are very expensive these days and console makers have to keep the cost down to be able to make a console that is affordable for the consumers. Console makers will have to choose between a powerful console and an expensive one. In the end something has got to give.



ps-4Credit: Sony

Next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony will have to have enough RAM to accommodate the kind of ideas and vision the likes of Epic games and Crytek will like to show case to us the public (gamers) or else there will be no need to upgrade from the current HD consoles. From the news going round the web it seems like most people are comfortable with the systems going with an 8GB of RAM, but that won’t be enough in a few years from now. Crytek CEO has said that next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony needs to have at least 32GB of RAM to accommodate the kind of ideas and vision they have for the consoles. I believe the console makers need to listen to them because if it turns out that these consoles are the last we ever see then they need to go out with a bang. If the consoles launch with 16GB of RAM it will be a near balance with what they are requesting from the console makers.


xbox 720(68024)Credit: Microsoft games

The signs are showing and even if we gamers are in denial, it will happen sooner or later. Mobile gaming is taking over and dedicated gaming devices will have to stand their ground in terms of their specs to be relevant. If developers are asking for 32GB of RAM it is better to give them half of that, which is 16GB, than to give them 8GB or anything lower than that.  


So, tell me, does the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony need up to 16GB to be relevant or do they need something lower than that? Please, drop your comment below.