Say what??? How can buying your dream home help Mother Earth AND better your health? Yes, it’s possible! It will take some forward thinking, it will take some habit breaking, and probably putting down the all-mighty ego, but yes, it’s possible. Plus, a happier and healthier you will be moving into your dream home!


Just Say No To Convenience

Let’s conveniently go eco-friendly and drive right on by the convenience stores and siddle on past the soda machines. We all know that convenience stores offer goods that come with a big mark-up which is money that could be saved toward your dream home. Plus, we all have some sort of reusable drink bottle…be it a freebie or something slightly fancier, like a Nalgene. If it closes and holds liquid, you’re golden. Make it something you can’t live without and make it your own...put stickers on it, draw on it, and keep it close at hand.

This water bottle is saving you hundreds of dollars by keeping you from buying the drinks (and food) convenience stores and vending machines offer. Your wallet will gain the weight your waist will lose from this little lifestyle choice plus you won’t be contributing any more bottles to the landfills of the world. Mother Nature thanks you too!!!

water bottle

Consider Walking/Cycling Your Errands

Here is yet another idea that will thin your mid-section and thicken your wallet while going easy on Mother Earth. What about cycling to the mall? How many errands are a lot of browsing rather than buying? Or perhaps even taking in open homes around a neighborhood, what’s to stop you from cycling between them? Why not search for your dream home on your bicycle?

Sometimes you end up buying things or needing to bring something along. In that case, if you need a little carrying capacity, strap on a lightweight backpack. It probably carries more than you think and you're able to do more on your bike! Plus, by cycling, you are:

  • getting exercise while biking your errands
  • saving your car from wear and tear
  • not using petrol which is great for the environment
  • saving money from using your car less and not being able to buy as much while shopping (only cause it won't fit in your bike pack!). All this money that can go toward your dream home!

This option is a major triple banger…Earth, health, AND wealth!

cycle sign

These are two simple ways of achieving three very important goals healthier, living environmentally conscious, and saving up for your new dream home

What other ideas do you have that achieve the perfect win-win-win trio? I’m always keen to hear people’s creative ways to manage money…and how cool if we can help the environment and have better health in the process!