If you enjoy travel and the outdoors, Munising Michigan is definitely a place where you will want to visit.  It is right on the border of Lake Superior, a beautiful lake that isn't too far from Door County, Wisconsin peninsula.  In fact, at certain areas in Michigan, you can see Door County across the lake.


Waterfalls- If there is only one thing you do while in Munising, it has to be the waterfalls.  The beauty of the falls is absolutely incredibly and is something you just have to do while you are there.  There are many falls available for you to hike to.  Some of them you can see right from the car and others you will have to walk upwards to a half mile to see them.  Miners Falls is one of the more popular waterfalls in Munising.  You can actually get up close and personal to the falls and even climb up to the top.  It can be very dangerous, but it is extremely exciting.  Wagner Falls, Laughing Falls, Scott Falls, Munising Falls and Alger Falls are a few other must see falls in the area.


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Kayak Tours- If you are in shape and up for an adventure, kayak tours through Pictured Rock Falls is an opportunity of the lifetime.  You will be with a tour guide as they take you into the caves on Lake Superior.  Make sure you bring your camera because these sites are absolutely breathtaking!  The lake is so blue it literally looks like an ocean.  If you are here during the winter months you can take snowshoeing tours through the ice caves.  Make sure you stay with your tour guide and don't go out on your own because it can be very dangerous.


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Cruises- If you aren't into kayak trips or strenuous activities, you can take a cruise boat to view some of these spectacular sites.  There are some cruises that will take you up to Pictured Rocks and some that will take you on a sunset cruise of a lifetime.  Be sure to listen up as you will learn the history of the area while enjoying a relaxing cruise with your friends or family.  The cruises available in Munising, Michigan are some of the best available.


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Lighthouses-  There are a number of lighthouses available in the area.  With each one, there is a lot of history to them and a lot to learn.  Grand Island lighthouse, Munising Range Lights and Christmas Range Lights are a few that you may want to check out.  You are able to climb up into a couple of them while learning about the area for a small fee.



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Fishing, golfing and renting pontoon boats are other things you can do while staying in Munising, Michigan.  If you enjoy the outdoors, these are some things that you won't want to miss out on.  The restaurants in the area are phenomenal as well.  Dog Patch and Sydney's restaurant are two places that should be on your list of places to check out while in the area.


This rustic down is a great place to get away whether you are vacationing in the winter or summer months.  It is an awesome place for family and friends or a simply getaway by yourself.