Surrounded by the three continents Turkey offers the Mediterranean’s best bargain for tourists. My Turkey travel brought about an attractive holiday package to discover the historical cities of Istanbul, BoCappadocia, Turkeydrum, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Antalya and Istanbul. Turkey is one of the top 10 travel destinations in the world. Its history goes back to 25,000 years accommodating some of the well-known human communities. Turkey inside was covered with mountains, forests, steppes and different sorts of land variations along with the modern landscapes. My favorite part was the exotic cuisine.

Peak and Off Seasons

Usually tourists visit Turkey in summer, spring and autumn season. The flights to turkey were cheap during May and the climate was suitable for a good Turkey travel. Winters are harsh and usually people do not visit Turkey during this season although the holiday packages get much cheaper at this time and even the accommodation. However, its best to plan your visit according to the season in order to explore.

Getting to Turkey

Istanbul Ataturk International Airport was my entry point in my Turkey travel. This and Antalya Intl Airport are the busiest airports in Turkey. It’s easier to find low cost flights to different cities to see inside Turkey, the Onur Air and Atlas jet were some of the options I chose to experience. From the Airport, the most feasible way to travel is through buses and Dolmuses, which are shared taxis. The fares are posted with the destination on the buses and taxis. Renting a car is like other countries expensive. Trains and Car ferries are also popular sources of travel inside Turkey.

Hotel & Things to do

Accommodations inside Turkey is feasible starting from $70 a night and reaching up to $500 a night based on the hotel chosen. Feasible options are available in all cities for tourists. My stay in Istanbul cost me around $ 82 a night in one of the coolest hotels in Sultanahmet.

Ferry trips are necessary to explore in Turkey travel. The ferry took us along the Black sea and Ottoman villas. Ferry restaurants are also famous offering some of the best Turkish food along with entertainment. Turkish Hamams are a known tourist attraction for tourists to relax. Not many Turks use it but they are still present for tourists to experience. The classical city of Ephesus is a site to see. There were a lot of Yachting and cruising that made our Turkey travel fun and entertaining.

The Exotic Turkish Food

The thing I was most waiting for to have my hands on were the Turkish food. On planning to visit Turkey, the Turkish food cannot be missed. It is a combination of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan taste. The Menemen, Kaymak and pastas is a unique breakfast option. Turkey travel will always be indulged with the Turkish tea wherever you go. The rich Turkish dishes of Kofte, doner, kokorec, borek and gozleme were the choices available in common fast food places.

Shopping Inside Turkey

Cevahir Shopping Centre, IstanbulCredit: in turkey was fun in the open air markets covered Turkish bazaars and chic boutiques. The carpets, antiques, silk, and leather are a tourist attraction inside Turkey. There are places that offer discounts on these items for travelers like Tulumba. Turkish bazaars offer many bargain options for customers. The walking tour of the markets is necessary to provide an idea on how to move about to know the tricks.

My Turkey travel was planned in advance and was able to get a good travel package. Average cost per person per day can cost anywhere around TL40 to TL600. Anyone wanting a Turkey travel will have fun watching the historical places, cheap shopping and heavenly food.