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Some of the most thoughtful gifts that anyone can give their mother for Mothers Day, or any other special occasion, are personalized photo gifts. Moms love to be able to look at photos of their kids, grandkids and other family members. They also enjoy pictures that commemorate special events, or remind them of favorite trips they took with their loved ones. However, it's not enough to simply decide to give your mom a photo gift. You'll also need to decide what type you can give her that will be a fun and unique reminder of how much you love her.

There are several websites that make it easy for you to give your mother, or anyone else you care about, a special gift.  Today there are a wide variety of gifts available, too, so there is sure to be a perfect gift for everyone on your list.  Shown below is an example of what you can find on Amazon, and later in this article you will get more great suggestions.

Chocolate Photo BoxCredit: http://www.amazon.com/Broadway-Basketeers-Chocolate-Photo-Gift/dp/B001KGDMFI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1362628912&sr=8-2&keywords=photo+gifts


Quick link to photo gifts that are available on Amazon.

Types of Photo Gifts for Mothers Day

The most common photo gift, of course, is a simple picture of you or your family in a pretty frame. If your mother collects silver frames or something similar, your gift can just be a favorite photo in a lovely frame to add to her collection. If you are on a tight budget, you don't even have to spend a lot. Pretty frames can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Dollar Stores and many online sites. Although she will love receiving a framed picture from you, it isn't particularly clever or unusual, and you probably will not want to give her the same thing year after year. Therefore, why not take the time to plan a week or so in advance and come up with something a bit more unique?

For example, what should you do if you have a large assortment of pictures that you would like to give your mom, and you have a hard time deciding on just one? Instead of just putting one photo in a frame, why not purchase a lovely album and insert them all in there for her? An album will give her hours of joy, as she looks through the different pictures of you, your activities, your pets, and your kids. It doesn't matter if you are 10 years old, or 40 years old, you can almost certainly assemble an album that will absolutely delight her!

A variation on the traditional album would be to download your pictures to one of the popular websites that can create a photo book for you. I have seen commercial albums that are manufactured on glossy magazine style paper in a wide variety of price ranges, available in both soft cover and hard cover styles, and they will last for decades. Two of our grown daughters have done this for us, and we love browsing through the pictures of everything they and their families have done throughout the year.

You can also use your downloaded photos to create other charming gifts. For example, you could have charms made and turned into a necklace, bracelet, or key ring. You could also have a favorite picture printed onto an apron, t-shirt, or a canvas tote bag. You could order coffee mugs, travel mugs, computer mouse pads, decks of playing cards, luggage tags, keepsake boxes, Christmas ornaments, note cards, and much more, all displaying the photo of your choice.

Choosing the Right Photo for Your Gifts

You can never go wrong giving your Mom a picture of the people she loves. That means you could use a photo of the entire family, or one of you and your siblings, or perhaps one of the grandchildren. You might also consider giving her a gift decorated with a photo of her own parents or grandparents. This will absolutely delight and surprise her! However, perhaps you feel that she already has plenty of family pictures, and you want to do something different.

If you don't want to download pictures of yourself or your other family members to give your mom, look around her home and see if there is something special that she would enjoy having photographed. Does she have a much beloved pet? That pet is not likely to be around forever, and it will mean a lot to her to have a lovely picture of it. If she's not a pet lover, is there a perfect rose in her garden? What about a photo of her home, or the view from her house? If you don't think that would interest her, does she have a favorite vacation spot? You might look through your old pictures and see if there is one of your mom enjoying a cup of coffee with some old friends, or taking a walk with your Dad. Moms are sentimental, and they love photos that bring back fond memories.

Where to Buy Personalized Photo Gifts for Mothers Day

If you just wish to buy an album and fill it with your own photos, you can find a nice selection of lovely albums in a variety of department stores, camera shops, and art stores, including Target, Macy's, and Michaels. If you are putting together your own album, make sure you get one that has acid free paper. Your photos will last much longer without fading. If you wish to purchase a pretty picture frame, the same types of stores also have a wide selection of frames for sale. One company you will want to consider is Things Remembered. They operate in kiosks in malls around the United States, and also operate an online store at ThingsRemembered.com. The nice thing about their frames is they will engrave them for you.

If you wish to order your photo gift online, one well-respected company is Shutterfly.com. They have a wide selection of gifts, many available for under $25. Another excellent company is Snapfish.com, which advertises that they sell over 90 different photo gifts. Our family has purchased gifts from each of these companies, and been very pleased with the products. In one incident when Snapfish made a mistake with a photo album, they replaced it quickly, and it was perfect the second time.

Other companies which sell photo gifts include kodakgallery.com, and photogifts.com. Whether you decide to purchase your gift for Mother's Day at a local department store or online, it is a thoughtful gift that will delight your mom for years to come! She'll know that you took the time to come up with an idea that would really mean a lot to her.

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Chocolate Photo Box

Broadway Basketeers Photo Gift Box - A Unique Gift Idea
Amazon Price: $33.80 $26.95 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 17, 2015)
Here's a direct link to the wonderful Mother's Day Gift shown above.

A Beautiful Mother's Day Gift for a Grandmother

The Grandparent Gift Co. Photo Frame, First Grandchild
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