Many people have earned a million dollars or more with multi level marketing. Multi level marketing, also referred to as MLM and direct marketing, is an industry that is often tainted with scams and hucksters. MLM marketing is legal and a great way to earn money, but you need to right product and company. Here are some thoughts on how to earn a million dollars with MLM.

To earn a lot of money in MLM you are not required to have a college degree, a lot of experience, great sales skills, or many other attributes. You will however be able to develop these attributes as you become an active MLM distributor. If you get a good up line that is willing to train you properly and you follow his method to a “t” then you will experience success.  In order to make a million dollars with MLM you will also have to have some luck and also be able to keep going no matter what. Never quit your MLM business because if you do then you cannot make a million dollars. If you quit you probably will not even recoup your initial investment.

 Luck comes into play when you are reliant on a good upline. You can do all the research necessary to assure yourself that you are signing up under the right person in order to receive the best training possible, but until you actually get going and see how your sponsor reacts you will never know for sure. You want an active sponsor that is willing to train you, close prospects, and do anything necessary to help make you a success. If he makes you a success then it will also help him to be successful. Without a good upline it will be much harder if not impossible to ever make a lot of money in multi level marketing.

You must have a full understanding of how you MLM program works. It is vital that you have a good program and fully understand the compensation plan and know how you will be marketing the program to fully take advantage of your time. If you do not understand how your MLM compensation plan works then you may not even have a compensation plan and product in which you can even make 2 million dollars. This is where a good upline can come into play and provide you will all the in-depth training and help that you will need.

 All MLM millionaires are dedicated to their business. You must be motivated to work your business because if you simply sign up for an MLM business and then do nothing you will earn nothing. You must be dedicated and willing to work hard on your business every day. Even if you are in a matrix style payout plan you still have to work hard because if you are simply waiting for spillover to occur then you will be sorely disappointed.

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You must work your network marketing business every day. If you are not consistently working your MLM business everyday then you will not make any money. If you want to become an MLM millionaire you need to initially work as hard as you can until you can earn enough money to be able to quit your day job. At the point you then work the MLM business even harder. Take 1-2 years where you work 10-12 hours a day or even more and then once you see your MLM Empire growing it will motivate you to work even harder. If you only work your MLM business for 2-3 hours each week then you will not become rich. Oftentimes at multi level marketing business opportunity presentations the particular MLM program will be shown and presented as a program where it is easy to make money. This is blatantly false, regardless of the program. It is easier to make money with some MLM plans as opposed to others, but you need to be working hard at it every day.

Direct sales to retail clients can help you to earn some extra money but in order to become an MLM millionaire you need to be heavily recruiting and building active downlines in your particular program. One of the best ways to recruit is by using the Internet. Yes you can and should still have business presentation opportunities in your home; however in order to get the huge down line you need it is vital that you take advantage of the Internet. You should be very active at recruiting new representatives off of the Internet.

JennCredit: should be building a list. This is an email list of subscribers who opt-in for your emails. Use a company such as Aweber to manage your email list. If you can get an email list of 5,000 or more people who are interested in your emails then you can occasionally include something about your MLM business. With a huge list like this you will be able to recruit people regularly into your Multi level marketing program.

When you begin in your MLM and as you advance through the ranks and begin to earn more there will be times where you are unsure of how to proceed. This is where you upline comes into play. Look at your upline and contact them and do what they do. If your upline is busy recruiting and constantly growing their business then learn from them and then follow their system. If you do what they do then you will be successful to, but you need to make sure you are only listening to successful people. If your direct upline is inactive and not very good at recruiting then you need to look even higher in your upline until you find a good role model whom you should follow and contact for training and motivation assistance.

With MLM you can earn a lot of money but there is no magic formula besides hard work. If you think that you can sign up to be distributor in a company and make money without working then you will be sorely disappointed. MLM takes a lot of hard work.