10 Tips to the Right Dog for You

When considering bringing a pet into your home here are some things you can consider to help you make the right choice.

1. Time

 Time is that sticky sounding word that makes us all cringe. Who has time for anything anymore? Well, like it or not pets do take time. Potty training, exercise, play, and cuddle time all are needed.  Some facts that are helpful when considering this is that if you get a grown dog that's already potty trained that can help, smaller dogs need less exercise than say a border collie might and can play in the house as well, cuddle time can be done while reading or enjoying a movie.

2. Cost

 Some breeds can be very expensive, especially if they are rare. At times you can find some breeds at your local pound. But watch out the money doesn't stop with the purchase. Their is also food.....

3. Diet

Almost any dog can be strong and healthy on  dogfood. There are some specific occasions though where the dog may need extra nutrition. In this case, your pet's caregiver can help you choose the correct veterinary-approved  food for your pet.

4. Health

Certain breeds are prone to certain specific illnesses.  Dachshunds and Basset Hounds are prone to back problems, while Great Danes, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia.

5. Environment

 As hinted at above, the larger the breed the more room it will need to play and live in. Although if you live in the city you still can have a mid sized breed. It will need more time to exercise and play but it can be done. There are also a growing number of places that provide what is called Doggie Daycare. This will allow the dog special attention and give them a chance burn off some of that energy.

6. Neighbors

 Do you know your neighbors well enough to know how they would react if your dog started barking. Although there are things such as shock collars to help keep the noise down it is almost inevitable that he/she will let out a little peep now and then if they see a squirrel ect.  If you don't know your neighbors this may be a good time to get to know them and just be neighborly.

7. Family Members

 If you have young kids around the house you may not want to get a German Shepherd, or a Dalmatian. However there are many breeds that do well with children and would love to help you watch out for those little ones. Golden Retrievers are one of my favorites and can be found a multitude of places. When trained correctly they can make an excellent addition to the family!

8.Hair, hair everywhere!

  Some dogs coats can look nice in pictures but when left on it's own can turn into a nightmare. Make sure that you pick a pet that you can maintain by either brushing or going to the groomers.

  Depending on if the dog is to be an inside dog or not (and also depending on if you alow them on the furniture) you may want to find a pet couch cover to lay over your couch to protect it from damage. These can be found almost anywhere and can be extremely helpful in keeping your house clean and orderly.   

  Have someone in the family who is allergic to dogs? Poodles are hypoallergenic (meaning their fur will not create a reaction in you) and with many cross-breeds today such as Cocka-poos, Labra-doodles and more you can find the look you want with no allergy worries.

9. Training

 Any good dog will require some training in order for your house to be a peaceable place to live. There are so many resources out there for training  try to pick something that is right for your pet. Just remember not to lose your temper. that only will leave you and the dog confused and worse off than when you started.

10. Socialization

As strange as it may sound, in order for your pet to do well around other pets and even other people, socializing is key. Socializing should begin at the earliest age possible. this can be as easy as bringing them with you when you go to see a friend who has a dog or dropping them off at a Doggie Daycare for the day. This allows them to get used to other dogs in a safe and monitored environment.

Why "monitored"? Pretty much any dog you meet will have a 'top dog' attitude and want to claim their space.  Allowing them to mingle with other dogs in a place where they are watched will help them to adjust without any mishaps.