Salesmen and the 80/20 rule

I have been fortunate to have a career that I have thoroughly enjoyed for over forty years, and like most Salesmen I entered this profession completely by accident.

Selling has been a consuming way of life but unfortunately like most salesmen I had to become self taught.

Most sales careers will possibly start like this, after the initial interview where the position is sold to you and you walk away with the dreams of becoming an overnight success.

Your first Day will either be at head office or a Hotel room where the sales trainer will run through the products and how to present them to your prospective clients, pricing will then follow and finally filling out the order form.

Something missing, you will not be aware at this stage as the final Day will be on the road visiting clients, who will have been handpicked by the trainer to take easy orders and impress you, how easy it will be.

In reality you would have had no training whatsoever and the normal 80/20 rule of sales will take over, the 80/20 rule will follow you through your career.

The 80 /20 rule is very simple out of 100 salesmen only 20 will survive and then you will discover that 80% of all business will be achieved by 20% of the work force

To break into the top 20% you will have to work harder than you have ever done in your life as the top salesmen will not share their secrets, they will give you little tasters to look good but be prepared to be alone.

For what purpose will they keep their secrets the answer is very easy COMPETITION, salesmen are very competitive and also protective of their standing with the Company.

If you are fortunate to work for a Company that has ongoing sales training this will be “ok” but still not enough, you must be prepared to teach yourself As the very basics you will be taught will not be enough.

I have no problems in teaching you your trade to become a master salesman with my methods.

Starting with the terminology which may seem a foreign language.


Cold Calling is the most hated part of any salesman's Day it entails Calling on people you have never met, but this is where your serious money will be


In your early sales training you will be taught that your product is just sitting there to be bought, in reality your clients will put up barriers to avoid buying


It is vital to learn the difference between an objection and a condition or you will waste valuable time and still wonder why you never got that sale


A conversion rate is the method to calculate your presentations into sales.


Not just a guide to Clients names and contact details bur also personal information which will convert more presentations into sales

These are just a collection of the skills you must learn to break into the top 20% I intend to publish articles on each and every area that will turn you into a super salesman.

 David McIntosh