There are tons of toddler birthday gift basket ideas you might want to consider as you shop around for a birthday or Christmas present this year.  Whether you’re buying for a boy or a girl, you’ll have lots of options to keep in mind.  The list below represents some of the ideas you might want to consider for a boy or girl, although there’s no doubt, some can go either way.

Premade Toddler Gift Baskets

These are the most convenient and the easiest way to go, but some people might want to put together their own.  In general, you will find that you cannot put together your own basket buying the items separately for less money than you can with a premade basket, but that will vary.  You can find all of the popular toys in the premade ones, so it might be the easiest option you have as you look to put together something special for the birthday boy or girl.

You might want to search on various sites, including Amazon, to see what you are able to find.  By doing some good old fashion comparison shopping, you just might find a really great deal and a present that is sure to make the child smile, no matter what your budget.

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Homemade Kids Gift Basket Ideas

Fill-A-Purse:  If you are looking for birthday gift basket idea for a young girl, you might want to simply take a purse, perhaps a child’s purse, and fill it up with kid friendly make up and accessories.  Since many toddler girls like to play dress up, this is a really good option to keep in mind.

Fill-A-Backpack:  You can put just about anything into a backpack.  You could fill it with toys, art supplies, food and snacks, or just about anything else you can imagine.  There are almost no boundaries with this one, especially if you have a good imagination.

Treasure Chest:  You can fill it up with pirate items, or even money, for that matter.  You can find them for sale online, so take a look and see what’s available and what you would like to go with for your niece, nephew, son or daughter.

Dinosaurs:  Kids love dinosaurs, so why not make your basket with a dinosaur theme?  You can fill it up with toys, dinosaur coloring books, stickers, and just about anything else you can imagine that fits the dinosaur theme.

Action Figures:  There are tons of them out there and they seem to change quite often.  Virtually all cartoons these days take advantage of marketing their toys to maximize profits.  Find out what cartoons the child seems to like the best and try to use that theme with the gift basket.

Barbie Dolls:  It’s a staple for toddler girls.  Barbie dolls, or even just the generic dolls are a good option to keep in mind and you look for ideas.  You can find them pretty cheap at the store, often under 10 dollars, and much less for the generics.

Springtime Toys:  Kites, sidewalk chalk, roller skates, or just about anything else that kids can do outside is a good option.  Kids love bubbles and fancy bubble wands, too.  It’s a pretty easy way to put together a fairly cheap birthday gift basket, especially since you can get most of the items at the local dollar store.

Winter Toys:  A saucer sled, for example, might actually make a pretty neat little container for the gift basket you put together. Fill it up with a snowball maker, and even some practical items like winter mitten or hats, and you have a nice little present to give out at the birthday party this year.

Holiday Merchandise:  If the Christmas season is near, there’s nothing wrong with using it as a theme for your gift basket.  The same goes for Easter or Halloween.  Just take a look through the stores to see what they have available.  It seems there’s always holiday merchandise in the stores these days.

Craft Supplies for Kids:  Coloring crayons, markers, art paper, or even watercolor paints would be good options for a boy or girl.  Since these items aren’t very expensive, you can put the whole package together pretty cheap.

Books:  You can find books for kids that aren’t too terribly expensive, so you can put the whole package together on a budget, if you need.  Books are something that is practical and educational, and at a young age especially, the kids really seem to love them.

Race Cars:  All young boys seem to like race cars and Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars aren’t very expensive, so you can get put together the entire gift on a tight budget, if you need to do that. It’s just another option to keep in mind as you search for ideas.

Beach Survival Gift Basket:  A little bucket filled with beach toys or blow up floating devices might be a really good option to try out for a child.  If you really want to make it a special birthday, go ahead and offer to take him or her to the beach to use their new stuff.

The Hodgepodge Basket:  If you simply cannot decide what kind of a theme to go with, just skip the theme altogether and go with a little of this and a little of that.  You just might find they like the variety anyway, so it could be the hit of the birthday party.

Make the Container Special

Often overlooked is the container itself.  To make it a really awesome birthday gift basket, why not make the container the focal point of the gift?  As mentioned, purses, backpacks, or even buckets are all good options to keep in mind.  You might also want to consider tool boxes, toy wrestling rings, boots and shoes, or just about anything else you can think of to use.  When the container isn’t just something to hold the rest of the stuff, it makes it a little bit more special, especially to a young child.  Make their birthday one they will remember with these toddler gift basket ideas.