TomTom Android Applications – Just round the Corner

TomTom is one of leading cell phone applications development companies with a wide range of apps available for the iPhone users as well as there are a lot of other mobile devices that can be added to your vehicle. However there is some good news for the various Android based phone users, as TomTom Android applications are just round the corner.

The company has been known to deliver reliable and useful iPhone applications which have been very popular with the users, therefore TomTom Android applications seem to be worthy to look forward to. There have been a lot of news stories that can be found on the Internet, and a possibility of the company developing an Android OS for phones cannot be neglected. With the number of Android phone users increasing by the day, there are great chances that TomTom Android applications may be launched by the end of the year or even before that.

Tom Tom Android Portable GPS Navigator

In fact there have been quotes from officials in the company regarding their interest in developing TomTom Android applications in order to meet the increasing needs in the market. It is therefore something that can be expected in the near future. Though the announcement was made quite some time back, it is believed that the wide variety of Android based phones is making it difficult and complicated for TomTom to come up with an application that can fit all needs.

While the company has most windows based applications developed, the challenge with Android based phones seems to be quite a big one. Things were easier with the iPhone as there was a single OS and system to work with however this is not the case with most Android based phones therefore TomTom Android Applications are taking more time than expected.

Also like various kits developed for iPhones, TomTom might as well consider developing flexible kits for other phones as well. While the TomTom navigation software for iPhone is free, the TomTom Android applications are also expected to come for no price. With the useful navigation system, a lot of iPhone users are able to keep away from traffic jams and packed roads. Once TomTom Android applications with similar functions are out, you will find many Android phone users also enabled to track and keep away from the traffic.

One of the features that set TomTom applications apart is the precision of data reported. Therefore the TomTom Android applications are worth looking forward to. With partners like HTC, the company is surely heading in the right direction. Though still under process, once the company launches the Android applications, there is definitely a good amount of audience that is eagerly waiting for the company to launch its applications.

You can get a lot more information on the company and the various applications it has already launched or is going to launch. Keep yourself updated about the TomTom Android applications because once they come in the market, they will definitely be worth it.