Animals that could kill

Which animals kill the most?

Humans may be large predators, we are certainly the top of the food chain. That makes us the most deadly is our minds, as we are the ones that invent the tools that kill all other animals.

With out those weapons, we are as useless as the weakest animal against most deadly animals. Our offspring are born one of the most helpless out of any in the animal kingdom.

The Mosquito

Mosquito is number 1 killer

Yes, not what you were expecting I bet. Admittedly they don't rip your throat out with a fierce set of teeth, they never the less are the world's top spot deadly killers for killing the most people. Some but not all mosquitos are blood suckers, those blood sucking mosquitos are the killers for over two million people a year, they act as vectors for diseases such as Dengue fever,Malaria,West Nile virus. Many tests have been taken to make sure mosquitos don't transmit the deadly HIV, but so far the risk seems extremely unlikely.

Asian Cobra

Asian Cobra is a deadly snake

The Asian cobra( also known as the Spectacle cobra because of markings on its hood) is responsible for over more than 50,000 deaths every single year in India,China,Malaysia,Vietnam and Thailand. Before you wish to correct me thinking I am saying this is the most poisonous snake, it is not, but it is the biggest killer because it is attracted to areas populated by humans. The Asian Cobra has a diet of rats, mice, toads etc, so because they are found where humans leave debris of food, so the Asian Cobra can be found. Its daily contact with the human world gives it more chance to bite than other snakes, although it does not bite with out provocation.

Australian Box Jellyfish

Australian Box Jellyfish

The most deadly out of the marine animals, the third on the top 10 most deadly animals list, the Australian Box Jellyfish is almost transparent and physically chases its prey, as it is not actually a true Jellyfish. It stings with its nematocysts which contain venom. The Australian Box Jellyfish is responsible for over 5,567 deaths since 1884. Vinegar is a known immediate first aid until medical help can be sought.

Great White Shark

Great White Shark(96649)

We all know Jaws would be in here somewhere, well here is the Great White Shark, at number four. The Great White Shark has been responsible for 64 confirmed deaths since 1876. Once a Great White has eaten a human they will develop the taste for humans, so we may see the death toll increase by this predator if we are not more careful. 30-100 people  die from shark attacks every year. Maybe sharks are learning we are a possible food source?

African Lion

African Lion is one of the top 10 deadliest animals

Number 5 on this list we come out of the sea and to the planes of Africa. The only cat that lives and hunts in a pack. Lions kill around 70 people a year around the area of Tanzania. It has been documented that there has been an increase in deaths from Lion attacks between 1990 and 2004. It has been put forward that Lions that attack and eat humans tend to be maimed or poorly and incapable of chasing down their usual prey, so maybe only attack humans through hunger.

Australian Salt Water Crocodile

Australian Salt Water Crocodile

The Australian Salt Water Crocodile is the largest of crocodiles, its shape and size meaning it has been confused as an Alligator. Many attacks fail to be reported with in the Aboriginal community of Australia, the rest of Australia report 1-2 deaths a year from Salt Water Crocodiles. These Salt Water Crocodiles are in the Guinness Book of Records for "The Greatest Disaster Suffered from Animals" after killing more than 400 Japanese soldiers during The Battle of Ramree Island.

These reptiles will take any opportunity to feed when it shows itself, so fisherman or others edging close yo the water are likely to meet their death during a death roll. You can only avoid these attacks by keeping out of the Salt Water Crocodile's territory.


Indian Elephant top 10 deadliest animal

Elephants regularly stampede villages in India, as they are extremely strong being the largest land animal alive today. Between 2000 and 2006 over 600 deaths have been recorded of death by Elephant attacks. Unfortunately this meant that a large amount of Elephants were culled because of the danger threat to humans living in Indian Villages. An Elephant that is in "Musth" is very aggressive and unpredictable. Elephants are different to other deadly killers on this top 10 deadliest animal list in that Elephants do not eat humans.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear in the Arctic

The Polar bear is the largest on land carnivore alive. Polar bears being based in the Arctic Circle don't really get too many opportunities to kill human beings, although it does happen. A Polar bear will kill you with one swipe of its paw, taking your head clean off. Polar bears are however being threatened by poaching and hunting by humans, so which is the deadliest killer?

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo is top 10 deadliest animal

Another animal that would not spring to mind if asked which animals are killers, yet the Cape Buffalo is regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. A Cape Buffalo will hunt down a human if attacked and is extremely aggressive, which makes sense if someone just inflicted pain, think I would be too. The Cape Buffalo kills over 200 people a year, mainly by goring the person to death. Although people still do hunt Cape Buffalo for meat, there are hunters who pay $10,000 approx to hunt Cape Buffalo for game.

Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog(96635)

Incredibly much smaller than others on this list of top 10 deadliest animals alive, this little frog can kill 10 men at once with the venom excreted through its skin. Not an animal I would be petting any time soon! Indigenous people of the Rainforests use the poison from these frogs to coat their arrows and darts with for hunting, hence the name " Poison Dart Frog".

None of these 10 deadliest animals are human's natural predator, if left alone they would be no harm. Humans live and set up home in areas native to these animals and then kill them when they behave in their natural way. So really who is a threat to who?