Detoxification is a way to cleanse your body of toxic substances that accumulate due to poor diet, alcohol, drugs, and environmental pollution. These substances impair organ function as well as make you feel sluggish and even effect your skin.

Recently you may have heard a lot about different methods to rid your body of these poisons. This article discusses three different types of good detoxification diets that are said to be the effective ways to help you detoxify: the acai berry, the grapefruit diet, and the master cleanse.

The acai berry is the fruit of a palm tree that grows in the Amazon rain forest. It tastes like a mixture of chocolate and berries and is available as a liquid, in capsules, but the best form is frozen or fresh, if you can find it.

It contains a high concentration of antioxidants that help maintain the body's cells as well as help you fight off disease. In addition to the acai berry's nutritional benefits, it will boost metabolism and help with weight loss.

Although it is widely available on the internet, you may want to buy it in a health or organic foods market because you can check the label for other ingredients. Choose acai berry formulas that have all natural ingredients.

The grapefruit diet has been around a long time because it is effective. Recently it has taken on a new form that not only helps with weight loss, but also detoxifies and cleanses.

The diet is simple, just eat a half or whole grapefruit before each meal. Grape fruit is so packed with nutrition that it will not only help rid your body of toxins, it can lower cholesterol to help cleanse arteries and add fiber to boost digestive track health.

It is also said to increase the production of an enzyme that can prevent cancer. The master cleanse, also known as the lemon cleanse, diet is mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.

Some experts advise that you also eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables as you ease into this 10 day program but eliminate all processed foods as well as meat and dairy. Because this diet is low in fiber and also because you want to help your body flush out toxins, it is recommended that you take an herbal laxative every night.

As you ease out of this diet, you can add broth and soup but your foods still need to be all natural with no artificial ingredients or additives.

The acai berry is packed with antioxidants, the grapefruit stimulates the production of good enzymes, and the master cleanse is a fast method to flush toxins from your body.

These three good detoxification diets help you lose weight, fell more energetic, and rid your body of toxins that effect all your organs.

You will also boost levels of immunity and prevent diseases that could otherwise invade your body. Because they eliminate fats, sugars, and artificial ingredients they help your body help itself.

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