Small Space Tips

Many people have a difficult time decorating a small space. A small space can be intimate, cozy, and visually pleasing if designed properly. Here are some tips to consider while decorating your small space:

  1. Use Mirrors - A mirror is small space's best friend. Place a mirror opposite a window. This will reflect light, making the room appear larger.
  2. Use Vertical Space - Many people ignore the vertical space in their homes. When looking for room for extra storage or a space for decor, look up. Don't ignore all that space up your walls! Think narrow and tall bookshelves, for example.
  3. Think Outside the Box with Storage - In a small space, clutter will make your small space look even smaller. In order to reduce clutter in a small space you need to get creative. Use baskets on shelves to store and hide different items. Invest in a coffee table that is also used for storage, like a trunk or storage ottoman. Keep a minimalist look in a small room, and it will appear larger.
  4. Floor to Ceiling Window Treatments - Using curtains that drape from your ceiling to the floor will bring the eye up toward the ceiling, making your small room space seem larger than it really is.
  5. Use Every Space Possible - You have to utilize every "nook and cranny" in a small space. Create your home office in the unused space underneath a stairwell. Use the vertical space in your kitchen to hold dishes and glasses. Think outside the box!
  6. Use Multi-use Furniture - Use furniture that is useful for more than one thing. Purchase a hallway console table that you also can use as a writing desk for a makeshift home office. 
  7. Armless furniture - If possible, use armless sofas and chairs. This creates an airy, open feeling to a room, which will instantly make it feel larger.
  8. Float Your Furniture - A common mistake people make is shoving all their furniture against the room's walls. Float your furniture around an area rug. This will create the illusion that your space is bigger, yet will create a cozy, intimate atmosphere at the same time.
  9. Use Glass Tables - The use of glass coffee and end tables will create a more open look to a small room.
  10. Use Different Shades of the Same Color - Using different shades of the same color will make the room look more cohesive, thus making it appear larger.

Decorating a small space doesn't have to be a daunting task. All it takes is a little creativity, and you can make any room look stylish and inviting.