Bangladesh is the best place for seeing the sea and hills together

Excellent viwe of the sea you can get from Cox's Bazar, the Bay of Bengal, in Bangladesh.

Hide and seek of the clouds in the hill is a real attraction for a tourist. Trekking to the mountains and exploring a place similar to the paradise makes tourist memories for the life time.

The largest mangrove forest Sundarban is a ideal place for adventure.

Visiting Bangladesh must be a great experience for a tourist. People are very welcoming for the foreigners. All type of accomodation is available in almost all big cities. Transportation is comfortable to and fro the major cities by road and by air.  

Tourist attractions

Bangladesh is a land of only 55000 square miles. In it's south, there is a bay called Bay of Bengal. It is at the north of Indian Ocan. Bangladesh is surrounded at east, west and north by Indian several states, such as West Bengal, Asam, Meghalaya and Tripura.

#1 - Cox's Bazar

Most attractive tourist destination in Bangladesh is Cox's Bazar. The longest unbroken sea beach in the world. It is a long sea beach. So, opportunity for beach activities are also unlimited here.

Cox's Bazar beach, Bangladesh

coxs bazar beach

Sun set at Bay of Bengal, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

cox's bazar1

As the tourist capital of Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar has every facility for a tourist. Good communication by road and air, high standard of accomodation, all kind of food, high security everything a tourist can find here. 

#2 - Sundarban

This is a mangrove forest alng the south western cost of Bay of Bengal. This is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Part of this forest also falls in India. This is a nominee for the new 7 wonders of the world.

Traveling Sundarban is an experience of adventure. This is not like a reserve forest where you can travel with caravan or with a four wheel van. To see this forest deep inside, you will have to stay in a launch. There are several tour operators who provide modern motor boat or launch those have all the modern facilities. You can explore the forest with a guide. Also the beach at Kotka and Kochikhali, Hiron point is really wonderful

#3 - Rangamati

Rangamati is a hill station. Beautiful land of hills and man made lakes are the main attraction here. The kaptai lake at Rangamati is made out of the waters of the Kaptai dam, the only hydro electric power plant in Bangladesh. Boating, relaxing, man made island hopping is the main activity here. 

Bridge over Kaptai lake, Rangamati, Bangladesh


#4 - Bandarban

Bandarban is the land of adventure. The highest peak of Bangladesh is located here. Thajingdong, Keokradong is the highest peack of Bangladesh which is around 3 to 4 thousand feet high. The best place for trekking in Bangladesh is Bandarban. Clouds, hills, waterfalls and the river is the main attraction of this place.