This is my honest opinion and personal review of the fragrance Tova Calm by Tova Borgnine. Even though this fragrance is now discontinued, there are many women online who are still searching for it and claim it as their signature scent.  The perfume is also called Tova Calm Personal Veil. I just happen to have an almost-full 1.7 oz spray  bottle of this scent.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to write a review about a product that has been discontinued. However, as a perfume-review reader myself, I see that Tova Calm Personal Veil perfume is still highly coveted and has many fans that are upset about the discontinuation..

Tova Calm Perfume Notes Have Been Described As:

Top Notes-Fruity Citrus, Aldehydes

Middle Notes-Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Peony, Rose, Lily, VioletTova Calm Personal Veil Perfume

Base Notes-Musk, Amber, Cashmere Woods

What I Smell When I Spray Tova Calm

The first thing that hits me about this fragrance is how bland and boring it is. You would think with all those floral notes that I  would smell flowers, but I dont. Unfortunately, this one leaves me more than disappointed. It is one of those "clean", barely there fragrances for women who want to smell like fresh laundry.

Tova Calm Personal Veil is much like the J.Lo Glow perfume collection; soapy and shampoo-ish and much like a dish detergent, only more expensive with a designer label. The combination of notes makes this scent too weak for a lady who wants her perfume to actually PERFUME her.

What I Like About Tova Calm

Is there anything that I actually like about this scent? The smell, no.  The shape and color of the bottle is okay because it has a sleek, modern look and doesn't take up much room among my other perfume bottles.  The best thing about having this discontinued bottle of vintage Tova Calm is what I may be able to sell it for on eBay if I choose to sell it.

As of now, there are only 3 Tova Calm perfumes being sold on eBay and the sellers are asking close to $100 dollars for the 1.7 oz size.

What I Hate About Tova Calm Perfume

This scent has no lasting power and doesn't have what I love in a perfume; presence. I want to smell like perfume, not soap or  shampoo. Tova Calm is another one of those light, clean scents for women who hate to smell like perfume, so you can see why it doesn't work for me.

I decided to open the cap and smell it once again. As usual, I am hit by the unusual blend of lemon Joy dishwashing liquid and Ivory soap. :( If this is what women are smelling like in Beverly Hills, California, glamour as we know it is now dead.....

My Recommendations:

If you love fragrance that has drama, personality, or sex appeal, perfumes like Tova Calm will disappoint you. Save your money and rub a bar of soap across your pulse points instead. Of course, many women love this scent. It just did not work with my particular skin chemistry and fragrance personality.

 If you have the money, this perfume is now in the vintage category of bygone scents. Tova Calm is one of those love it or hate it perfumes.