Prius Hybrid Cars

Toyota Hybrid Cars

The Toyota Prius is one of the cleanest running models of cars on the market today. It is also one of the most popular hybrid vehicles on the road and Toyota’s fastest selling car in the car-maker’s history.  Many car shoppers ask 'are all Toyota Prius’ hybrid cars?' TToyota Hybrid Synergy Drivehe answer is yes, all of the vehicles in the Prius family are classified as hybrid cars which means great fuel economy and environmentally friendly. What many people might not realize is that the Prius comes in four different variations including an electric, plug-in model. Green car shoppers can now choose from not only the original Prius but also the Prius v, c, or Plug-in, all of which are based on the Prius’  (or Prii in plural form) standard compact body size.

Toyota Prius                                                                                                                                

The 2013 Toyota Prius 4 is a continuation of the original model of this family of hybrid vehicles. The original Prius has been around since 1997 before the surge of green, eco-friendly, and electric cars hit the market in the 2000s. The Prius has been such a top seller for Toyota that the car manufacturer has expanded the Prius family of hybrids to include three other hybrid models based on the original model. Starting price of the original Prius is $24,200.

Toyota Prius v

The Toyota Prius v model is the second reincarnation of Toyota’s fastest selling vehicle. The v has a station wagon body style and is larger, boasting more interior and cargo space than the traditional model. This model shares much of the same features as its predecessor, namely the high fuel economy but in a larger package.  This model is said to comfortably fit five and is perfect for active singles or small families. The Prius V starts at around $26,400

Toyota Prius c

The Toyota Prius c is the third member of the Prius family of vehicles. This model is a subcompact full hybrid gasoline-electric car and has been on the market since the 2012 model year. In its first year on the market the EPA named the 2012 Prius c the second most fuel efficient compact car out of all of the plug-in electric vehicles released in 2012 behind the Chevrolet Colt. Not only is this car a favorite of EPA, but its also favored by the Green Car Journal and Consumer Reports. Due to is smaller size this model is intended for singles and/or drivers who would appreciate the superior fuel economy such as drivers with a substanstantial daily commute. This Prius model and has a smaller base price. Starting price on a 2012 Toyota Prius is $18,950.

Toyota Prius Plug-InCharging a Prius

The Toyota Prius Plug-in is a mid-size plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The plug-in version of this make has been around in concept form since 2009 but only became available in 2012. For green-conscience car shoppers the Prius Plug-in is a favorite because of its fuel economy and versatility. This version of the Prius sustains an all-electric operation with its lithium-ion battery and on-board charging system. The Toyota Prius Plug-in has a starting price of $32,000.


All four models of the Toyota Prius have been recognized in their class and are a favorite among all of the hybrid cars on the market. There are several advantages to owning any one of the four models hybrids from Toyota including reduced carbon footprint, environmentally friendliness, and green living. Environmentally conscience car buyers will appreciate the earth-friendly measures that Toyota has taken into consideration when producing each of the vehicles in the Toyota family of Hybrid cars.